So you’ve signed up with a CPA content locking network. Perhaps you signed-up an hour ago, or perhaps last year.

But, you’ve got no idea what do.

Well, you’ve come to the right article!

I’m going to take you through a loads of content locking ideas that you can exploit with CPA.

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CPA Content Locking Ideas

Create value through YouTube tutorials

This is a great idea if you have a skill that you can teach.

All you need is a screen recorder, a microphone and a YouTube account.

Teach people how to do things, then share a locked download.

The download can be source code or a template. Something that your audience can use.

download links in an education youtube video

For example:-

Tom knows his way around HTML. He has the skills required to make different types of web pages. So, he records himself creating web pages on video, and talks through the process. To monetize the videos, he shares the source code of the webpage that he creates in the video. Before putting the link in his Youtube video’s description, he uses a content lock to lock the file. Finally, he shares the video and the files with his audience.

Use Camtasia screen recorder. It makes it easy to record great tutorials.

Drive huge amounts of traffic with a viral video site

Everyone loves consuming video content on the internet. Why not start a site that has a bunch of viral videos?

some viral videos

These sites work best when users are forced to share the content to unlock it. Especially if the video thumbnail is something that looks particularly clickbait or shocking. It will attract more users to the site, and get more people unlocking.

Your site doesn’t need to be the next YouTube. You can start by using WordPress. If you use WordPress, you can install a social locker like OnePress social locker.

Develop your own “downloader” site

These sites let people download videos, photos and songs. They should be aimed at sites that don’t have downloads. For example, YouTube, SoundCloud and other social media.

youtube video download site
Y2Mate is an example of a downloader site

People download YouTube videos for a number of reasons. They might want to slice up the video and put it in a compilation. Or, they might want to extract the music from it.

Think outside of the box. It’s not just YouTube that people want to download from. It’s not always the main content that people want to download.

Create an information product

Information products are still around. They’re easy create too. Jump into Word, and throw together a guide on how people can do something.

tai lopez information product

You don’t have charge anyone, you can offer your information product for free. The hard part is marketing it. With the right budget, you can promote your product with ads. Facebook ads are cheap.

But, if can’t afford ads, make YouTube videos on the topic. Or, start a blog and pull in leads through some free traffic sources.

Password-locked torrents

These is an age-old method. I remember when I first started doing CPA. This was one of the first methods I tried. And, it is still effective to this date.

piratebay search results

You need to find some popular software. Once you’ve found it, compress it with a password protection. Then, lock a link to a password to unlock it. Put this link in a text file. With the locked software and password text, upload them to a torrent site. Then, you wait for the downloads.

There are plenty of free torrent sites you can exploit with this method.

Pro tip: This works better with larger files that people have to actually for to complete.

Start a social media account geared at giveaways

Using Instagram–or any other social media–create a profile that shares giveaways. Post regular images of potential wins, and state that users can access the giveaways via your bio link. You could utilize a service like LinkTree, so you can: mask your links, control your links & also track users; if you’re not a fan of LinkTree, there are free alternatives you can use.

  • What is CPA content locking?

    CPA content locking is a form of incentivised internet marketing. Publishers lock content, forcing users to complete CPA offer(s) in order to unlock the content. CPA offers generate money for the publisher.


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