CPAElites homepage
A screenshot of CPAElites homepage

When you’re first getting into CPA marketing, everything you read about can seem pretty daunting. Most people are pretty lost.

To tackle the confusion, the best places that newbie CPA marketers can learn about CPA is on forums. Specifically forums that are targeted towards CPA marketing.

Here is a list of the best CPA marketing forums on the internet. Each forums has there own community, but you’ll be sure to find some incredible CPA content, tutorials, guides, and like-minded people that can help propel your earnings.

CPAElites homepage
A screenshot of CPAElites’ myBB homepage before rework

Hailed as the “original CPA marketing forum”, CPAElites has over 76k members. They recently changed management which is working on a complete redesign, but the legacy forum is still active, with a whole host of content, resources and CPA marketing journals that you won’t find anywhere else.


image 13
A screenshot of CPAHero

This forum is one of my favorites. With over 46,000 members and 140,000 posts, there’s a wealth of information for you devour on CPA.

They also have a cool rewards system for posting too.

There’s a lot of content, however, their premium system–in my opinion–is a bit messy. Reserving only certain parts of the forum for certain people.

3Black Hat World

BlackHatWorld CPA marketing forum screenshot
A BlackHatWorld CPA marketing forum screenshot

Although this site is not dedicated solely to CPA marketing, there’s a fantastic CPA marketing forum. There over 12200 posts here that will help you, or at least motivate you to ask the right questions.

Additionally, there’s a tonne of other information on relevant content like SEO and other ways of making money.

4Hack Forums

A screenshot of HackForums CPA marketing section
A screenshot of HackForums CPA marketing section

You wouldn’t believe it, but this hacking-focused forum is where I first came up learning about CPA.

I wrote my first tutorials on this forum, and I met a bunch of CPA marketers here before sites like CPAElites and CPAHero even existed!

They have their own sub-forum focussed solely on CPA marketing, and they’ve got a hole hosted articles and active members here. There are articles with tens, even hundred of thousands of hits.

Give it a go. You might even come out knowing a thing or two more about cybersecurity too!


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