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Getting accepted to a good CPA network will help you earn more. Period. Better CPA networks have offers that convert more and pay more. I recently wrote an article on the best CPA networks for beginners that you should read.

The first CPA network that I ever applied to (which I think was CPALead) declined me.

Back when I was in secondary (high) school I didn’t really have much content on the web. So I went in blind. And failed. After spending a few years doing CPA I’ve come to terms with a few factors.

These tips will help you get accepted by any network that you approach.

Lying on your application is detrimental to you, the network and it’s advertisers

Networks have had thousands-upon-thousands of applications. They’re experienced at picking out the liars and the cheats.

Be honest, even if you’re not accepted you’ll at least be welcomed with open arms in the future.

Owning a website is a secure step towards showing that you know what you’re doing

It’s difficult to do CPA marketing without a website. You can use social media marketing, but having a website can only benefit you further.

In my Ultimate CPA marketing tutorial, I walk you through this in context with CPA marketing.

Start a website with 1&1 or Hostgator. Install WordPress and write a few short blog posts to show that you know how the internet works.

Show off your social media accounts too, if you have the following

Make networks understand that a lot of marketers push content on social media. If you can’t afford a website, at least provide some evidence of an adequate social media presence.

Add your pages or groups too if you run any.

Build some experience around CPA and how it functions, target the main asks

If you’ve never done CPA marketing before, watch some videos, read some articles, and express that you’ve done some background learning. Everyone starts somewhere!

I’ve got a tonne of tutorials on this blog that you can read through.

Take a look around my CPA marketing section!

Write as much as you can; give your application’s reader a good reason to accept

If you have experienced in other internet-related activities (running a Youtube channel, blogging, SEO .etc) then mention these skills and experiences that you have.

Don’t write irrelevant content. They don’t care if you got an A in Maths. Practicality and application go much further in this world.

I will add more tips to this listicle in the future. Make sure that you take all of these tips on board when applying to a network. I wish you the best of luck.

If you have any tips then post them in the comments section below. I will add them to this article if they’re strong and give you mention/shoutout on social media too!

Until next time, Josh.



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