A good CPA network is vital to your success in CPA marketing. You need to make sure you’re earning as much as you can, and that you’re with a network that has a good reputation.

Now, I’ve been with a few CPA networks in my time. Everything from MaxBounty to CPAGrip to PeerFly. And each network has there own thing that I love, and hate.

If you’re new to CPA, check out how you can start making money with CPA. It’s a really simple beginners guide on making money with CPA.

CPABuild is fairly new network that I came across on BHW, an internet marketing forum.

I’d asked the community what they thought were the best CPA networks; I needed some extra content for my list of the best CPA networks that I’ve been updating.

Surprisingly, I found a new network being mentioned. CPABuild. I’d never heard of it before. And there was practically nothing about them online, at the time.

But, as a guy with a keen eye for making money online, I thought I’d check it out. So, in this review, I’ll walk through CPABuild, my initial thoughts, what’s good about it, and what might not be so great.

It’s pretty quick to sign up, which I like

I signed up with them a few weeks back, and only delved in a little into their site. But looking back, the signup process was seamless.

They ask the standard questions that you get asked when you join any CPA network. What’s your name, where are you from, etc.

After which, my application was approved in approx. 3 hours.

CPA network approval is easier than you think, check out the linked guide.

image 6
I signed up at 7:44PM
image 8
Then got approved at 10:28PM

Unlike CPA networks like MaxBounty, there was no phone interview or length questioning about my marketing approaches or experience.

Honestly, I much prefer that there’s less of a barrier to entry. When I first started in CPA I remember getting declined from networks because I’d never done it before. Which, is kind of a tough situation to be in. How do you get experience in CPA if you can’t even get access to a network?

After joining, their dashboard blew me away

Before you mock me for the earnings, just bare in mind this is a new account. I know some of you out there have already earned millions before even trying it. I’m sure you have.

But just take a moment to appreciate the quality of their dashboard. You don’t see anything like this with CPAGrip or CPALead–some similar-styled CPA content locking networks.

image 9

In terms of looking user-friendly, CPABuild has really hit the nail on the head. I’m pretty doubtful that I’ve been a positive about UX in previous CPA network reviews. They’ve really done a good job, and I imagine this will attract and secure a lot of publishers.

There offers are fairly well paid, I’m surprised

I had expected there to be some sort of trade off here. You know, because the UX is so nice. Usually when things look nice, there’s some profit shaving some where. But honestly, the offers look pretty decent.

image 10

You’ve got your standard over-priced EU offers. A favorite of many. And they’ve got some offers that are pretty on-trend. Or at least applicable to the market they’re targetting.

Here’s a Dettol (cleaning product) one for the UK.

image 11

With all the Coronavirus stuff going on, I do see this type of offer doing pretty well in all honesty. Think about how much people would be clicking through on an offer like this on Facebook. A fat load.

The content lockers are Fresh, honestly

I thought CPAGrip had some good content lockers. Hell, even Adludum has some nice innovate content lockers. But this is something else.

image 12
CPABuild default file locker

Check out the above File Locker template. It’s the default one. Can you believe that? How fresh is that. And, it gets better. The content locker popup on clicking is one of those human verification ones.

image 13

The human verification ones increase your click through rates because they look genuine.

They’re not the crappy ones that we use to use back in the day that look like they’re a classroom chalkboard and the font’s in comic sans. This the real deal in terms of cutting-edge, user-friendly content lockers.

The referral program is standard, nothing special

Pretty much every CPA network I’ve reviewed, especially the content locking ones, offer a 5% referral commission.

But, I do like their layout. It’s simple, minimalistic, and informative. You don’t need to dig around to find out who you’ve referred. Something that really annoys me about CPAGrip, despite them also being a great network.

image 14

CPABuild also have a forum

Forums are a keyresources for internet marketers. CPA marketers included. And the fact that CPABuild have thought to build community alongside their network, is perfect.

There’s guides, tutorials, help sections, general chat, and everything you’d usually expect from a standard forum.

image 15

Sure, it could use some more users, but this will grow. Remember, CPABuild is new. But, although they’re new, they’re bringing something fresh to the industry, and they’ll be blowing places like CPALead and CPAGrip out of the water in a couple years.

Great network, give them a try.

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