You’ve made it to the very best CPAGrip tutorial on the face of the internet.

You should feel great. You’re about to save yourself a shed load of wasted effort.

This, right here, is the fast-track guide that you need in order to make money with CPAGrip. You’ve probably already got a CPAGrip account, right? And, you’ve toyed around. And had a look at the different sections. The lockers aren’t too bad. Offers pay pretty well. Especially the European offers, $20 for a mobile installation.

You’re going to follow this comprehensive guide. Top to bottom. Consume it. Abuse it. Reuse it.

And then go withdraw those sticky, sweet earnings.

So, sit back, relax, hunch that back, and all shall be revealed.

Absolute essentials for you to make money with CPAGrip

It goes without saying:

If you ain’t got this stuff, you gon’ fail.

  • Sign-up to CPAGrip, not hard, you need an account to actually make money from it. Not rocket science.
  • Camtasia, you gonna need it for making content. Get the trial, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
  • SEOClerks, this is where you gonna source your cheap workforce from. They make things rank, share, and look good. Really important.

Now we got those three things, let’s talk money.

How much money can you make from CPAGrip?

You can make a lot of a money from CPAGrip.

Ain’t no number out there, that’ll tell you exactly how much.

But you’ve only gotta watch the chat in the dashboard to know.

People making hella money from this, so you can to. And, best of all, this guide gonna show you how.

I know that’s not what you wanna hear, so here’s an arbitrary figure for y’all who’re no really paying attention, $25,000 PER MINUTE.

Cool, lets continue.

What actually is CPAGrip?

Hoooold up. Don’t go skipping ahead.

You may think you know what it is, but if you’re wondering how to make money with it…

You aint got no clue.

So lemee explain.

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dont be worrying about the watermark, you’re cheap too

CPAGrip is a CPA network, okay? Ground-breaking revelation there.

They network publishers and advertisers, and provide tools for both sides to make their lives easier.

You, are a publisher. You publish content so you can make money.

You make money because advertisers pay CPAGrip to promote their offers.

In turn CPAGrip pays you.

Still there?


CPAGrips niche is content locking. Hence why there’s loads of content lockers on their site.

They use incentives, to get people to complete their advertisers offers.

image 12 1024x501 2
some of cpagrips offers, these are the things that make you money on cpagrip

These incentives are your content.

The content that you lock and spread, like a money-making, virus-riddled, content locker.

This guide will teach you how to promote the offers through file locking. You will find downloadable content, lock it, and then promote it on YouTube. There are a bunch of tips and tricks involved as well.

image 13 1024x552 2
Creating a CPAGrip file locker; they have amazing templates.

If you haven’t understood yet: you get paid every time someone completes an offer to download this content that you’re giving away.

Sign up to CPAGrip

If you want to start making money with CPAGrip, you’ll need to sign up.

image 14 2

The process is pretty easy, but I’m pretty sure they have a verification period. Which is fine, it’ll give you time to get your content together!

CPAGrip method to make money

Finding content you can lock

You can promote anything, but generally downloadable goods are the best to go for. Things like graphics templates, eBook guides, music production samples and various other similar things are in high demand.

image 15 1024x580 2

Without content, you’ll struggle to make money with CPAGrip. You need something to offer people in return for unlocking your CPAGrip lockers.

You can share direct offer links, but CPAGrip offers a multitude of file locking and content locking options which, you guessed it, require content.

Generating ideas for lockable content

Here’s a hypothetical example of a way you can promote your CPAGrip locked content.

You’ve decided to promote samples used in my music production. Different sounds, drums, and synths.

image 16 1024x420 2

Instead of promoting a single sound--which, actually probably could do--make your “product” more attractive by packaging these sounds into the “hottest rap drums 2019” download.

This can be promoted on various platforms, but the best place in my opinion to promote this would be on YouTube, where you can demonstrate the sounds in a video without giving them away.

image 17 1024x481 2

Upload your files to a file-host

Once you’ve got some downloadable content to promote, you need to upload them to a file host.

image 19 2

You can use a multitude of different sites, but the best one is probably Google drive. You have control over the file, and your users aren’t going to run into any difficulties downloading.

You could double down here, and upload them to a “pay per download” site, like ShareCash, but you’ll really piss off your users.

How to Upload Files to Google Drive

Locking your content

CPAGrip file locker guide

Go into your CPAGrip dashboard, monetization, and URL/file lockers. From here, you can paste in the download link and edit the template for your file lockers.

image 20 1024x562 2

Choose one that looks nice, and make your locker look as professional and as easy to use as possible.

Some lockers even allow you to drop in a few fake comments, which will increase your conversion rate. People like to read other people’s feedback.

image 21 1024x546 2

Promoting CPAGrip on YouTube

Now that you’ve got your file locker link ready, you need to make a video.

Make a basic video

I would strongly advise using Camtasia, it’s a screen recorder, but also an incredibly easy to use video editor.

image 22 1024x548 2
Camtasia offers a free trial; try it out, it’s incredibly easy to use, and my most valuable tool.

You can whip up high-quality videos in minutes, and upload them directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Google, Dailymotion, and all the other options you could ever require.

Upload Your Video To YouTube

Once your video is done, get it on YouTube!

Make sure that your upload is high quality, people don’t like low-quality videos, nor does YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

image 24 1024x423 2

By quality, I mean the resolution of the video, make sure it’s at least 720p. Anything higher is better.

Use SEO to get more views (tough)

Make sure you write a good title and description. Aim for at least 2-3 paragraphs in your description.

Make sure you put your locked link in the video description.

Create a clickbait thumbnail for your video

Aside from making a nice title and description, one of the main things that will make people click on your video is the thumbnail image.

The more click-bait, the better.

Boost your views and likes, so people download your content (social proof)

When you first upload, you’re going to have 0 views, 0 likes, and 0 comments.

And, because of this, no one will download your content.

At this point, you need to boost your video with some views, likes and comments.

You can buy all of this stuff really cheap at SEOClerks.

image 25 1024x506 2

You’ll be surprised how cheap it is to boost your videos, which is great for your return on investment.

SEOClerks is a market place for buying and selling things like views, likes, followers, and shares, and the vendors there provide really good services at very low prices.

image 26 1024x514 2

Remember, no one will complete your file locker without social proof. So fake it until you make it.

Repeat the whole process again

You can either make more videos on similar topics or try out a new niche! The more you practice, the more money you will make and the better you’ll become at it.


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