Crabada is the most popular game on Avalanche. It’s a play to earn. It’s an idle game. And it’s profitable for now.

I named Crabada as the top blockchain on Avalanche in this article.

I got into Crabada early. Whitelisted for the special breeding event. So I started at somewhat of an advantage. But, that’s not to say that you can’t still profit.

The premise is simple. There’re Crab NFTs that mine, loot and breed.


Mining requires 3 crabs. 3 crabs make up a team. A team of crabs are set out to mine for rewards. The rewards are tokens. CRA and TUS. CRA is Crabada’s governance token. TUS is Crabada’s in-game currency. An interesting point to note here: TUS is also the gas token of the Swimmer network. Crabada’s subnet.

image 2


Looting also requires 3 crabs. A team. You interrupt others’ mining to steal some of their rewards.

image 3


Breeding requires 2 crabs and some tokens. As the name suggests; breeding makes new crabs. Each Crab involved in the ritual shares some of its DNA with the offspring. As happens when you breed IRL.

image 4

Beyond the 3 core mechanics, there’re more features. Firstly, the Tavern. Secondly, Amulets. And, finally, the marketplace.

The Tavern

The Tavern is where Crabs are lent. This is where I leave my Crabs. I’m not consistent enough to play the game. Lending Crabs generates passive income for me. Which, I compound and use to buy more crabs.

image 5

Crabada Amulets

Amulets (CRAM) are awarded for staking CRA. It’s a reward token used to reduce sell pressure on CRA. It also unlocks various other in-game features.



The marketplace is where Crabs are bought and sold. Browsing the marketplace you’ll see they’re pretty expensive. Ranging 4-6 figures.

image 1