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Exclusive Crypto Trading Ninja deals!

These deals are from partners, I earn a commission for referring you, and you get a bonus or a discount for using them. Win-win.

Exchange Deals

Deals you get from signing up to an exchange.

They all differ; some give cashback, some sign-up bonuses. Make use of them all. Its a good idea to use multiple exchanges. Each one will give you different coins, features and promotions to help bolster your performance.

Huobi $170 rewards for new signups

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Huobi’s trading interface. Source: Huobi.

Huobi has picked up some huge momentum in recent years. And its not surprising. Firstly, they’re giving away $170 to new signups. To claim the rewards, you’ll have to complete different tasks, like verifying your ID, and then trading a certain amount of ‘spot’ volume. The rewards are very easy to obtain, so make sure you take advantage of this if you haven’t already signed up.

Binance 5% trading-fee cashback

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Image source: Binance

Binance is offering a 5% trading fee cashback for any new signups. They’re a huge exchange, with loads of incredible features. And, if you spend a lot of time trading there, you’ll be racking up trading fees. This 5% lifetime cashback will go an exceedingly long way.

ByBit $10 sign-up bonus & $600 rewards

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Image source: ByBit

ByBit are giving some huge rewards for new signups. Firstly, you get a $10 signup bonus, and following this, you get a rewards pathway. As you complete different actions, for example like this Facebook group, you’ll earn more rewards. The rewards stack up to $600. Don’t pass up on this, even if it’s just for the rewards!

Trading deals

The trading deals are for tools, software and services related to trading.

TradingView Pro 30% Discount

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Image source: TradingView

You’ll find a lot of TradingView focussed content on True Miller. Mainly because their software is incredibly useful for technical analysis and portfolio tracking. We’ve partnered with TradingView and have gotten 30% off Pro licenses, which equates to even more net-expected value from using their service.

More Deals coming soon !

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