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Has Twitch finally met its match?

DLive is a new streaming competitor that’s been advertised by huge creators, such as PewDiePie. It’s also powered by blockchain!

What is DLive?

DLive is a brand new streaming platform, powered by Blockchain. It’s the first live-streaming platform on Steem, a blockchain platform.

Think Twitch, but better.

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The DLive homepage; it’s like Twitch, but Blockchain.

Is Twitch better than DLive?

There are a number of reasons why DLive is good, though a lot of it boils down to the things that make the current state of live streaming bad.


Live streaming has boomed in recent years. Backed largely by the emergence of eSports, but also with an incredible push from casual gamers and interesting personalities that pull in millions of views.

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Interest in Twitch over time has risen incredibly, and it’s only up from here. Unless new competitors start stealing market share!

It’s important to note that Twitch has largely led the charge on the live streaming interests. DLive’s traffic is incomparable to Twitch’s as it’s a new entrant into the streaming world.


Most that host live-streamers take massive cuts. The platforms make way more than their streamers.


On the other hand, DLive gives much fairer payment. Although, admittedly, in crypto.


Pretty much all streaming sites spam you with ads. YouTube and Twitch are both bad for this, and it ruins the entertainment for everyone. Sure, it’s a great revenue stream, but this takes away from the reason why you’re there.

image 10 1
People complaining about the amount of Twitch ads on Reddit.


New entrants into the live streaming space struggle to get noticed because the top spots are monopolized by large streamers. These new entrants also adhere to difficult-to-attain requirements if they want to earn.

twitch affiliate requirements
Becoming a Twitch affiliate isn’t easy.

Withdrawal Limits

Many sites also have withdrawal limits, YouTube requires you to meet the AdSense limit, Twitch also requires you to reach a certain amount. This means streamers are locked into working or simply leaving their cash with the platform.

twitch withdrawal limits
You need at least $100 earnings to withdraw on Twitch.

What makes DLive better than Twitch?

No fees

There are no fees on DLive. It seems crazy, but there is no centralised company trying to profit. All the money that users generate for broadcasters, goes straight to the broadcaster.

dlive no fees
DLive takes no fees!

No ads

No, DLive does not spam your viewers with ads. This makes the entertainment far better, and more “pure”. Revenue is generated through upvotes, and this goes solely to the broadcaster. It’s all powered by blockchain, no one needs to pay.

dlive ad free
DLive is also ad-free!

DLive vs Twitch Summary

There are a number of ways that DLive is better than Twitch;

  1. They don’t charge any fees on monies made by streamers
  2. Viewers aren’t constantly spammed with ads
  3. DLive is blockchain-based

Despite the obvious prose to DLive, Twitch is still, by far, the most popular streaming platform. And has been leading the live streaming market for some years now.




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