Dropshipping is a fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and then have the supplier send it directly to your buyer. eBay needs no introduction. But on the other hand, DealeXtreme is an ecommerce store you might not have heard about.

To make this all a little simpler, you will be selling things from DealExtreme on eBay. But no, you don’t have to invest your money into it. Infact, that’s the beauty of the method as you’ll find out in just a moment.


Similarly to Alibaba–although, not on such a grand scale–DealExtreme is one of a few chinese e-commerce stores that have exploded onto the internet.

The reason why you’ll be dropshipping from this company is because they offer rock-bottom prices on some of the most popular electronics.

For example, DealExtreme offers low prices USB cables.

dealextreme micro usb
With bulk rate discounts, you can 100 high quality micro-usbs for £161.76.

There’s a tonne of other products that grace their “shelves”, many of which there are lucrative markets for.

But the sweetest part of the bargain is that you can put any address that you want to put in on their delivery address!

Dropshipping The Items on eBay

So once you’ve picked out an item that you fancy, and you’ve done a little competitor research. It’s time to start listing the item on eBay. Yes, before you buy them. That’s the magic of dropshipping.

ebay microusb cables
Make sure you can under cut the top sellers for your search term!

Follow all of my eBay SEO tips. You want to make sure that you’re right at the top of the listings!

All of the description details can be found on the DX page. Ensure that you fill in all of the eBay specifics. The more that better. It’s good for SEO, good for eBay, good for your customers and good for you.

Then you wait for the sales to roll in. It’s a simple as that.

Fulfilling Your Dropshipped Sale

So you’ve got your first sale. But you unfortunately you don’t have the item in your possession. Oh no!?

dropshipping infographic

Well now we seal the deal. Using the money that the customer paid you for the item on eBay, you go back to DealExtreme, locate the item you’re selling, and you order it directly to their address. Ensure that you pay a lower price for it than they paid you for it. Boom, profit.

Minimizing Risk

As you can probably guess, there is an element of risk involved. You don’t package, nor post, nor handle the item. So I would advise buying an item yourself, testing out the service, and make sure that you’re happy with the item and the service that you’re getting. Besides, it’s less than £2 to quality check.

Make sure you’re putting the largest margins you can on your items. Research your competitors and undercut them by a penny. The more money you can pocket per sale, the more money you have if you need to refund someone if ever something does go wrong. My general eBay ethos is ‘if someone complains, you either cancel, return, or refund‘. Don’t let any issues elevate to a loss of feedback.

Look at the DealExtreme postage and handling times. Make sure that these are reflected on your eBay listings. If people expect the item in 1 day and it really takes 5, then you’re going to be screwed. So sell everything as a neatly and as legitimately as possible.

DealExtreme sold over $80million stock in the first quarter of 2014. There’s a tonne of other dropshippers out there selling this and skimming off healthy profits. Join the movement and you’ll have a great time earning some passive income!

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  1. I’ve tried drop shipping. But I think, I was not good to choose the perfect niche. couldn’t able to get a single sale. So, Moved back to MaxBounty. 🙂

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