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I spent a number of years running eBay Amazon drop-shipping businesses. After many thousands of items, I’ve built up a good level of understanding and experience that I want to share.

This article will share some tips about things that aren’t well known or discussed with newbies looking to start dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Handing returns

When you get a buyer that doesn’t like their item, you are legally required to accept the return if you’re a business seller.

And, my guess is that you probably aren’t too keen on handling physical products, seen as you’re dropshipping.

Dealing with returns can be annoying if you have other responsibilities

You might think that the change of receiving returns is low, which it is, but when you scale up, it can become a real burden on your life.

Imagine, you work a full-time job and every few evenings you need to go collect parcels that you weren’t home to receive. Better yet, you need to :

  • collect the items;
  • check the items, to ensure that the buyer actually returned their item (a must);
  • repackage them for return to Amazon;
  • print out a slip for the return;
  • then, go back to a post office to return the item

Allowing buyers to return items directly back to Amazon

To get around the issues of returns, many eBay amazon droppshippers will send Amazon return slips direct to their customers.

This was easier back in the day, when you could legitimately upload your own return slips.

However, in more recent years, eBay often automates this return slip process and sends them a slip with your business correspondence address on. Which sucks.

Beware of return scams

I was done over in the past, by some nefarious goons that had bought some electric razors. They ran two accounts, and each purchased a Braun razor worth approximately £249 each.

After their purchase, they attempted their scam and replaced the expensive razor with a £30 used razor.

Fortunately, I had my wits about me and didn’t allow them to return the item directly back to Amazon.


It is possible to automate your drop-shipping business. You just need to know where to look.


I got involved in PriceYak when it was private access only, but I believe it’s public now. Great company.

Priceyak will automate every element of your business; from listings, price updates, ordering and handling returns.

It can get expensive if you’re not careful, so make sure you optimize your operations.

If you choose to use PriceYak, make sure you do the following:

  • Remove under-performing listings
  • Set good markups that will cover auto-ordering fees
  • Avoid bulk refreshes, they with incur a fee for every listing, every time

Charge backs

Chargebacks rarely ever happen. But in the unfortunate scenario where they do..

  1. Save your your Amazon Order to PDF, submit this to Paypal & eBay
  2. Submit tracking to eBay, link your order URL on the case
    1. Amazon tracking isn’t public, but the order-tracking link is*
    2. Paypal doesn’t like Amazon tracking that much, but it’s easy to convince them

Try not to argue with a potential fraudster, keep your communications to eBay customer service as much as possible.

Talk to Amazon customer service

They’re a friendly bunch. They’ll help you with refunds, replacements, and pretty much any other queries you have.

If ever an item is not delivered, tehy’re your best bet.

Open up a Live Chat, explain what’s happened, they’ll contact the appropriate section, and most of the time they will issue a refund.

It’s against Amazon terms to use Prime for business purposes

It’s against Amazon’s terms to use Prime for business purposes.

And while most people doing eBay Amazon will be exploiting Prime, its not allowed.

This makes it very tough to compete, especially with the ever-looming threat of Amazon shutting your account.

The only way around this is too multiple accounts and try not to cause your accounts to get flagged. Though, you’ll ultimately get caught and blacklisted.

My advice: don’t use prime, keep your business legitimate.

TeraPeak is a waste of money

I made this mistake when I started out.

You don’t need software to tell you what a good SEO’d title is. Watch a few videos, and before you know it, you’ll know exactly what to write. It’s really not that difficult to SEO a title.

Better yet, just see what other eBay sellers are using, and copy the title.

You should upgrade your eBay shop

Once you start doing more orders, the standard eBay layout get’s harder and harder to use. Upgrading to a shop gives you access to Seller Manager Pro.

SMP–as we’ll call it from here–gives you access to a bulk feedback, searching and other things that are really important for your operations to run smooth.

You can SEO your listings better with SMP, set keywords for your products, it’s better in every way.

Running an eBay shop allows you to set keywords for your shop categories too. This great for ranking, SEO both on and off-site.

If you have any questions, there’s a nice big comment box below.

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