List of Fantom Bridges

best fantom bridges

Transferring assets to and from Fantom requires a bridge. These are the best Fantom cross-chain bridges.

Fantom bridges

1. Elk Finance

elk finance bridge

Elk FInance is arguably the best bridge in crypto. Supporting over 14 chains, and growing. They only allow Elk bridging, but liquidity is pretty deep on every DEX they run on. So buy and transfer Elk to any chain, then sell for the native token. Fantom is one of the many chains they support. It’s by far, one of the best Fantom bridges, if not the best.

2. Multichain bridge

multichain bridge

Multichain supports transactions between Ethereum and Fantom. They also support BSC, Moonriver, HECO, and xDai. Though, only ETH<->FTM for Fantom users. A very popular Fantom bridge.

3. SpookySwap bridge

spookyswap bridge

SpookySwap is Fantom’s largest DEX. And also has a bridge. The bridge supports 7 chains; Ethereum, BSC, Matic, and more.

4. REN

ren bridge

Ren is a completely decentralized multi-chain bridge. They support multiple blue-chips. So you can don’t have to bridge only Fantom. But you can transfer BTC, BCH, DOGE, and more. They have numerous chains supported, from Ethereum to Arbitrum.

5. AnySwap

anyswap bridge

AnySwap is a cross-chain DEX. Allowing you to swap tokens on one chain for tokens on another chain. They also have a bridge for assets, if you’re not looking to swap.

6. cBridge


cBridge is a bridge for transferring assets between chains. They support Fantom, Ethereum, Optimism and more.

7. XPollinate

xpollinate bridge

XPollinate is another cross-chain DEX. Supporting cross-chain swaps. Taking in assets on one chain, swapping, and spitting out new assets on your chosen chain.

8. Evodefi

evodefi bridge

EvoDefi supports cross-chain bridging. Transferring assets from one chain to another.

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