List of Fantom Lending Protocols

fantom lending protocols

Lending and borrowing assets is a staple in Defi. Here are the best Fantom lending protocols.

Fantom lending protocols

1. Geist

Geist is a Fantom lending protocol. Users can both lend and borrow assets with Geist. There are two types of loans; overcollateralized and undercollateralized. Overcollateralized loans can be borrowed perpetually. Undercollateralized loans must be paid back in the same block; aka. a flash loan.

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2. Scream

Scream is another lending and borrowing protocol on Fantom. They’ve focussed more so on user experience. Offer deep liquidity. And have some of the most liquid stablecoin markets on Fantom. Aside from stablecoins, they offer to lend on larger “bluechip” cryptocurrencies.

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3. Tarot

Tarot is a decentralized lending protocol for leveraged yield farming. Leveraging up yields earned from passive income opportunities. They offer leveraged farming on many LP pairs from the SpiritSwap and SpookyFinance etc.

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4. Abracadabra

Abracadabra is the lending protocol behind “Magic Internet Money”, “MIM”. Collateral is provided in the form of various yield-bearing assets. For example xSUSHI. With these yield-bearing assets, users can borrow MIM. Their native stablecoin. Loans are overcollateralized, and you maintain exposure to your yield-bearing assets whilst borrowing.

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5. Qidao

QiDao, or Mai Finance, is an interest-free stablecoin lender. Users deposit collateral, be it FTM, MATIC, etc, and can print MAI–their native stablecoin. They provide a way to borrow against your assets without losing exposure to their underlying collateral value. Similar to Abracadabra, but interest-free.

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6. C.R.E.A.M

CREAM is one of the largest lenders in crypto. Spanning multiple chains, including Fantom, Matic, Avalanche, and more. They support multiple assets, both for lenders and borrowers. The protocol charges interest to borrowers, of which the resulting monies are used to incentivise lenders. They have deep liquidity.

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7. Aquarius

Aquarius is a decentralized, interest-free, stablecoin lender. Very similar to QiDao. Forked from Liquity. Loans are overcollateralized. And only accept Fantom as collateral to mint aUSD.

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Trava is a feature-rich lending protocol. Offering various markets, many assets, and even NFT renting. Depositing and borrowing rates thrive on interest.

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