A screenshot of True Miller twitter
A screenshot of True Miller twitter

A list of free traffic sources that you should be taking advantage of.

For each one, I’ve added in some tips and angles on how to exploit them. Some ways you might not have thought of yourself.

If you have any ideas on generating more traffic, or have another option to add our free traffic sources list, be sure to share it with everyone in the comments section.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1Social Media

A screenshot of Reddit’s homepage, filtered to the most popular posts.

If you’re not exploiting social media, you’re missing out on something really important.

Content is shared at a blindingly high rate on social media. Without it, you have little to no hopes of going viral. And, if your content is “viral-friendly”, it can literally change your life.

Get in on the action. Don’t miss out.

Most social media sites are free to sign up. They also tend to offer business accounts. Sites like Facebook and Pinterest both have countless opportunities for businesses to grows and progress. And even if you’re not a business there’s still plenty of opportunities for you to pull more traffic for free.


7 Things Every Marketer Needs To Know About TikTok

Everyone’s heard of TikTok–the social media app that has 90% of today’s youth dancing like idiots. Yeah, that one.

Most people haven’t actually given TikTok the light of day in terms of marketing. I really can’t believe that people haven’t started exploiting the traffic for all its worth. You can literally get your content in front of millions of people. Targeted traffic as well.

As far as free traffic sources go, this is the most premium untapped option at the moment. You can start conquering TikTok with minimal effort too.

  • Throw up some content; a few seconds long
  • Put in a few hashtags
  • Write a keyword-rich description
  • Boost your video with some views and likes

If you’re struggling to get noticed, then buy a few TikTok views and likes, and you’ll soon be raking in the hits. Especially if you hit the “for you page”.

TikTok “no-brainer” this year. Make sure you’re putting out content that points people to your brand, site, or content. Then boost with a few SEOClerks services.

If you don’t like the idea of marketing via your phone you need to get with the times, or choose another method!


Reddit is a fantastic way to flood your content. Just find a subreddit that’s related to your content, or would at least welcome it, and post a link. This is deserved of it’s number 2 spot in our list of free traffic sources.

The “Reddit hug” is a term used by internet folk when Reddit crashes your site, so be careful what you wish for.

Another reason why I love Reddit is that it ranks well on Google. I have a number of Reddit posts that still generate traffic to my articles now.

And many of my Reddit posts outrank my blog for the same search time, despite there being a direct link!


A screenshot of VOAT's homepage; it's a Reddit spin-off
A screenshot of VOAT’s homepage; it’s a Reddit spin-off

VOAT is a Reddit alternative, it offers you another source of traffic where you can post your links!

Once you’ve posted to Reddit, post to VOAT. It’s a pretty simple tool you should be putting in your arsenal.

Try not to copy and paste across both sites; Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Make your post is somewhat different every time you post it. Even if its just a rehash, make it unique every time.


Facebook, incase you couldn't guess.
Facebook, incase you couldn’t guess.

This is obvious. Facebook has billions of users, so where better to post your links?

Start a niche page or group, and post to groups that already exist in the niche you’re trying to promote.

Honestly, owning a group is an asset. You get to repost whatever crap you like, as much as you like. But, to really bleed facebook for all it’s worth, you should hold off on spamming links straight away.

Benefits of sharing content on Faecbook

MIX (StumbleUpon)

A cropped screenshot of StumbleUpon's home-page.
A cropped screenshot of StumbleUpon’s home-page.

Now, this site is great if you’re trying fish some extra traffic. What used to be StumbleUpon, is now MIX. Mix sends contents suggestions to users based on reactions to the content they’ve consumed in the past.

It’s one of those free traffic sources that gets your content in front of the right people. All content on MIX is curated for the user.


Twitter's Moment's section, filtered to Today
80Twitter’s Moment’s section, filtered to Today

Again, we’ve got another no-brainer. Twitter. You can build a following by posting relevant content, then start dropping your CPA offers. It’s really simple, straightforward. Make use of hashtags too.


Content on Instagram, on the Explore page.
Content on Instagram, on the Explore page.

One of the hottest social media platforms right now is Instagram. But, you need to post images and videos.

On the flip-side, the added effort means you get more traffic, more interactions, and more engagement than you would on sites that don’t utilize these media formats


image 34 1024x623 2

Back in the day, the goto site for answering questions was Yahoo Answers; you might remember it …

Well, Quora soon stole the market and has a huge thriving community of people looking for information. People just gerning to click on your links.

Basically, if you’re providing people with answers, spam your content. Of course, don’t spam it like it’s crap; provide some substance, make people think that you’re answering legitimately, but slip in that underhand link.

It’s a another one of our favourite free traffic sources, but, you can get banned if you’re not careful.

As you answer more questions, the Quora algorithm will suggest more questions like that one you’ve answered. That way, you can advertise your content on a rolling basis!


It goes without saying, if you’re not exploiting YouTube. I don’t know what you’re doing.

YouTube is one of those key free traffic sources that can help you create richer media, maintain a following and interact with your audience.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of it. There are many ways to monetize YouTube too, like by creating compilations.

Ensure you’re optimising your videos for search, and you’ll get a hell of a lot of free traffic.

2Search Engines

Social media is great, but when it comes to getting the fresh, organic influx of users. The best free traffic sources, or at least the best contenders, are search engines.

To rank on search engines, you need optimise your content with SEO.

Alongwith optimising your content, you should submit your site/url to the search engines.


Most of the world’s traffic starts there search here. It is the main place you should be acquiring free traffic. If you’re not on here, I’m not sure why, but you should be.

Create a Google account right away, and head over to the search console.

Associate your site with your account.


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