Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. You have direct access to millions of people, and you can get your content out there in seconds. An app that’s grown to house 400 million active users in little over 5 years is a vital tool for any business/marketer. As long as they can get Instagram followers.

Instagram’s popularity makes the platform ideal for spreading ideas, boosting businesses and getting the word out there. However, traffic generation takes time, and it’s not really something that can be done overnight, organically at least. Of course, if time and patience are not your strongest point, there are always services we can resort to on SEOClerks (great site for cheap social media services).get instagram followers

Here are a few principles to practice so you can grow your instagram account.

Popular Cat
Cat’s are popular. Especially this one.

When posting on Instagram it is better to stick to a specific topic. Jumping around from one thing to another can lose you loyal viewers. Most of the platform’s strongest accounts are very specific, like @catsofinstagram or @dogsofinstagram. These are two great examples of accounts that generate huge amounts of traffic on instagram. And they only post about one specific niche.

Additionally, make sure you name fits your niche–I think you can guess what their content is about. Studies show that you should be a consistent poster too, don’t disappear for long periods, especially if you want to retain your audience after you finally get instagram followers.

2. Interacting with people will get instagram followers in no time at all

It only takes a click to “like” something, so “like” stuff.

Social media is all about interaction. If you want to generate traffic to your Instagram account(s), you need to engage in the game of “social media karma”. If you follow other people, and like other people’s pictures, they will do the same in return. Therefore, you should give out what you expect back from the community. Like pictures on known and unknown accounts, comment on things in your niche, and follow the accounts that genuinely interest you. There’s nothing wrong with having low follower to followed by ratio. Scroll down on the Explore tab, like pictures and post comments. More interactions = more responses.

3. Hashtags, to use them or not to use them? Use a smart approach

Just a few hashtags..

Hashtags are a great tool on Instagram. However it is very easy to either over use them, or to waste them.

First, a picture caption should not be overflowing with hashtags. It makes it your content difficult to read, and let’s face it, a little desperate/spammy. Stick to a couple, maybe up to 5 of them that really grasp the idea of the posted picture. Moreover, if you use hashtags that are way to popular, like #travel or #sky, your picture will be lost in a vast ocean of #travel or #sky pictures.

It is always better to use fairly popular ones that give us room to stay on their front page enough so people can find our post.

4. Make sure your account looks the part

luxury instagram
Make your profile look nice!

This one might be obvious, but it is worth mentioning it anyway. To get instagram followers you should not only post pictures that are good and pretty enough for others to see (and like!), but also profile needs to be attractive.

A great profile picture and a complete bio would always help you get more followers on instagram. Having a good picture composition on our timeline is also a great visual effect that creates a good impression towards us and whatever we want to communicate through Instagram.

5. Finally, Buy Instagram Followers

instagram followers
With a little money you can get a 1000s of followers in minutes, fake it until you make it.

As I mentioned before, there’s a quicker way to gain a followers on Instagram. Buy them. There are tonnes of people out there that can boost your account for you. This is the BEST way to gain followers naturally on instagram. Fake it until you make it. No-one cares if your followers are fake, but people do notice that attractive numbers. It gives your instagram credibility.

SEOClerks is the best place to buy followers for Instagram. You can also buy likes and comments too, if you want to got the extra mile. But the real reasons behind using SEOClerks are that it’s super cheap, there’s a review/feedback system and sellers are competing to offer the lowest cost to you–the customer.

As you can see here, there are different ways to generate more traffic on Instagram. Some of them slower than others, but in the end, all are very useful. As a last tip, remember to keep your posts and captions as honest as possible.

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