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If you love reading and you’re looking to make some money, then why not get paid to read books?

There are many opportunities for you to turn your reading into a money-making venture.

Better yet, if you know someone that’s going broke because they read too much, link them to this article!

The main way people tend to make money from reading books is by reviewing them. Reviews drive sales, and if you’re an avid reader, you’re definitely in a position to tell people what is, or isn’t, a good book.

Whether you’re the world’s fastest reader looking to strike it rich, or you’re a general hobbyist, you’ll love this list of sites that pay you to read books.

Let’s get into it …

Sites where you can get paid to read books

1. Online Book Club

image 71 is huge site devoted to book reviews. Authors pay to have their book reviewed, and people make money reviewing them!

The review team is free to join, and currently pays between $5-60 per review.

You’re given a selection of books to choose, and the books are all free for you in exchange for a review.

You’ll have to do a free review first, to test your worth, but thereafter you’ll be eligible for the paid reviews.

online book club review team sign up

I really like that they state that you “don’t have to pretend like you enjoyed the book” either, really puts a nice message out that you’ll be working with a company that’s honest and respectful.

2. Reedsy Discovery

image 72

Discovery is a service provided by Reedsy where they allow people to publish reviews on their site, the people reading reviews then donate amounts to the review writer.

reedsy discovery review rewards

Reedsy is a marketplace where people, core to the book publishing process, exchange services.

A great pointer about the Discovery service is that you’ll get a hold of new books before anyone else does!


image 70

Kirkus is a book review company/site with an incredible history.

They post reviews across a wide range of genres. Kirkus regularly seeks out freelance book reviewers, for a number of genres.

The number of words you’ll have to write varies, but in the example below, you’ll see that you’d be required to write about 350 words two weeks after a book is assigned to you.

kirkus reviews career opportunities

You will have to email in and submit a resume, but that’s so they can ensure they’re maintaining high-standards.

Seems pretty reasonable in my opinion!

Do you have any more suggestions, or have any experience with these sites?

I’d love to hear about them. Please leave a comment!


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