The first of the HackThis levels is pretty simple. Basic+ 1 starts out with a simple text-file.

The message contains a hyperlinked text-file..

Download the file to your PC.

Right click b1.txt and save it to your PC.

Open the file, you’ll notice that there’s a bunch of nonsensical text in there.

The text in the file makes no sense.

Change the file extension. The data is not readable in txt format.

Right-click the file then rename it..

The file extension is jpg. You may need to use trial and error to come to this by yourself.

Just delete the .txt extension and type in .jpg

Press Yes when asked. The file will not become unstable.

The file is already unstable!

Open the image, or just look at the thumbnail!

The user has hidden his details in an image file!

There’s the username and password to complete the level!

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