HackThis: Basic+ Level 2 Solution

HackThis Basic+ 2
HackThis Basic+ 2

HackThis Basic+ 2 requires you to change your user agent to:


This pretty simple to do with modern browsers. In Google chrome, if you open up the Inspect dock by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I …

You will see a simple panel with a bunch of HTML code. Colours may vary, mine is customised slightly.

On the far right of this panel, there is a hamburger icon, where you can click and get access to the settings. You can also press F1 while it’s open.

In the settings tab, you’re going to click on Devices–on the left. Then Add custom device…, and finally, input some device name along with the user agent string that was specified. Then add it.

Close the settings by pressing Esc or clicking on the close button. Then find the Device emulation button in the Inspect dock. You can also hit Ctrl+Shift+M.

This will shrink the page into some sort of mobile formatting. Go up to the top bar, and click on what is usually “Responsive”–this may be some random mobile device.

Once you’ve select this, the browser will change it’s user agent to the one that you specfied earlier. However, to pass this to the website, you need to refresh the page. You can hit F5 for a shortcut.

You will then see the level has been completed!

To see the device settings back, just press Ctrl+Shift+M once again, or click on the toggle device toolbar button again.

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NOTE: I’ve recently started a new hacking tutorials site called kali.tips, where I’ll be releasing a bunch of kali tutorials!