I was shaky about writing this post at first due to the nature of the content, but adult traffic is a certified way to make money, especially given that there is so much of it. It’s super simple to get involved and super simple to succeed. In this post I will show you how to get a tonne of adult traffic and a how to monetize it to make serious amounts of money.

How to get loads of adult traffic

Well first things first you need to target porn sites, there are tonnes of them out there and but more specifically you need to target “tube” sites, the one’s where they let people stream videos for free. These sites get million’s upon millions of hits per day, and not only that, they get 1000s of hits on every page, every day; the trick is to convert this traffic.

Grab some videos

These can be taken from anywhere, simply reupload ones that are already on the tube sites, with a catchy name, description and good tags, tags that people are going to be searching for.

Another great way to find good quality videos is by going to the major sites and downloading their preview videos, be sure to edit out any branding so you avoid losing traffic though.

Watermark and edit your videos

This really easy to do in any video editing software, simply drop your site URL somewhere in the video. If you want to increase your conversions then cut the video short and plop a message in at the end saying “watch the full video here…”.

While this good on a small scale, if you really want to scale up your operations then Video Watermark is a fantastic piece of software that will allow you to do this only many videos at once, saving you potentially hours of editing videos that you may not be too interested in seeing over and over.

Upload you videos to tube sites

This is the easy step; once you’ve got all of your watermarked videos at the ready, open up as many sites as you can and upload to them overnight, for some of you it may take less time dependant on your internet speeds.

How to monetize the traffic once you get it

There are a number of sites out there that offer adult advertising but the best two are AdultSense and CreamyAds, though this specifically for banner ads.

I would recommend for the most part you try to sell affiliate packages from major porn sites as you can often earn a great amount of commission.

Another opportunity that you can fulfill is dating affiliates, sites such as DatingGold offer a huge amount of money for paid sign ups and pay money for free sign ups, which is especially great if you’re not fond of the idea that people might not pay for anything.

If you have any background with blogging or being a webmaster, you could open a site that has all of your videos embedded, you may eventually grow some return traffic which will further boost your ad earnings.


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