Quora isn’t the newest thing out there, but that doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be new to get you a lot of traffic, take a look at Twitter and Facebook and tell me old sites don’t get traffic. Quora, for those of you who don’t know, is pretty much a Question and Answer site where people ask questions, you fill out your profile with what you know about and you answer the questions that best fit you.

So, you’re probably wandering how the hell you’re supposed to get traffic to your blog, channel or website, right? Well, it’s simple, back in the day people would make fake questions and post their affiliate-link answers on them on Yahoo Answers, but instead of doing this, Quora allows you to add a tagline.

This is where the best bit comes in, you can put your url in your tagline, OMG GENIUS. I’m just kidding, it doesn’t take a lot to realise that by putting your URL in your tagline and answering as many questions as you can about your niche will push traffic and potential customers to your website.

I just want to stop you though before you go any further, the idea here is not to spam your link on people’s questions, unless of course, your link does actually fit the request; the purpose of this method is to answer as many questions as you can and look like your know your stuff. Provided you answer someone’s question appropriately it’s not just person that has asked it that will view the answer, but future people that will search for the question on the internet and find you, the reputable source.

Knowing your stuff is important not only to answer people’s questions on Quora, but so you can offer good content on your websites, you’ll be baffled at how many recurring questions you will find in your niche and the best thing that you can do is patch up the gaps with your answer.

Also, if you feel like you have added a particularly answer, then make sure you submit it search engines so that more people can find your answer and then find you.


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