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Many would argue that it’s because their blog isn’t earning enough yet, but in all honesty, that’s probably down to a few key things:

While many people may not want to take the risk of outsourcing their blog posts, they should acknowledge that all the above can achieved for that £1~ per article, you just need to know where to look.

First of all you, can get all of your posts scheduled for release, so you can sit back and do what you enjoy while your blog “runs itself”. This looks especially good to Google, they will begin to notice that you are a consistently creating content which is fantastic for SEO. It will also look good to readers that are more likely to subscribe to your blog when they can trust that there will be new content out regularly.

While many of us think that we’re great writers, in reality, you only need to read back over your own content once to realize the amount of mistakes that you may leave, this is huge time-costly and when you can pay someone from a less developed country around £1 per article, they’re likely to go through the article with care.

You might be thinking “yeah, but their English is going to be awful”, it’s a simple as reading off the reviews of the website that I’m going to link you to further down this post.

While you may think that you are, for example, an expert in your field, this can often leave you closed-minded or with writers block and outsourcing your blog posts not only offer a quick way to formulate new content, but can give you a new angle to view your subject/niche from.

Freelancer is the holy grail of getting work completed for cheap.

I buy 10 articles for about $30 AUD which equates to £15 GBP, so that’s £1.50 per article, but I can schedule over 2 weeks of posts which gives me that first SEO boost and tick in the box for consistency.

The good thing is that you can demand the freelancer do the work again if it is below expectation as you can choose when to release your money. You can also read people’s reviews to make sure that you’re not working with a numskull.



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