eBay Arbitrage: Simple retail arb’ tutorial


What is a “Just-in-Time” eBay Business?

  • A business that gets there stock “just in time”
  • Can make money without spending any money
  • You use your buyer’s money to purchase the stock for them
  • Similar to drop-shipping except it comes to you first
  • Advantageous as you can repackage your site


  • In simple terms, you’ll be looking for products on Amazon
  • You’ll then create listings of items you have found on Amazon
    • Add a mark-up of 30-50%+ in order to profit after fees
  • Oncetheitemsare sold you will then use the buyer’s money to purchase the good(s) from Amazon using their Free Prime 1 day delivery
    • This way you only spend money if you have made a profit
  • Upon receiving your item the next day you will then repackage your item and send it to the buyer

Further Information & Profits

  • You might think that 25%+ is a lot but it’s really not
  • An item that costs £10 with a 50% mark-up is only £15.00
  • After paying for postage you may be set back approximately £2.50
  • -10% final value fees
  • You will profit £1 for each item
  • The more expensive the item the more that you will profit
  • This an example of arbitrage or “short-selling” (a widely known trading tool for people to profit on prices being lower in the stock market)

Good items to sell

  • Latest DVDs, Games, CDs, Books
  • Popular electronics
    • USB Sticks
    • Mice
    • Keyboards
    • Memory Cards
    • Cables
  • Household necessities
    • Washing & Hygiene Products
    • Baby Products such as Nappies and Baby Wipes