I do, admittedly, have regrets for not staying consistent with my CPA marketing.

I first found out about CPA at a pretty young age. When I started pushing locked content monetized by CPAGrip. But there was always this feeling of wrong-doing when I pushed CPA.

An example of a content locker from CPAGrip

Okay, this doesn’t count for the whole CPA market, but for the underground hustlers that I grew up conversing with, that’s what CPA was. File locking, or content locking.

Is content locking ethical?

The main issue was the ethics behind it. I always felt guilty, or worried about copyright infringement. Or simply had my content removed when pushing CPA locked content.

Going to YouTube, to find a download, only to find it locked, is frustrating. And that’s what I and many others were pushing for money.

Honestly, the ethics behind CPA content locking sits with the value that you’re giving to your user. If your user gains more in perceived value than the time/effort cost of completing the survey, then sure it’s ethical. But frankly, this is rarely the case.

Does CPA even make any money?

Okay, it was profitable, and it taught me a hell of a lot about internet marketing and SEO.. and without it would never have delved into the many other areas similar to it. But, it’s not something I’m particularly proud.

Despite my feelings on content-locking, I’m still well aware that my CPA tutorials have garnered hundreds of thousands of hits over the years. They’re a resource for all of you newbie CPA hustlers that might want to glean some insight.

How to increase CPA conversion rates

If there’s one tip I can give you, though, think about user-experience. Ultimately, you don’t want to be putting out crappy content, and locking your landing pages with default lockers, it’s shitty. And it makes the user feel shitty.

Make the user’s come back, and most important of all, make sure you deliver on your promise. Especially if someone’s just filled out survey, or downloaded some crappy app they didn’t want so they could get your offering.

Research and invest in making the unlock worthwhile, whether through user-experience optimisation or through a unique, novel idea that makes people actually want to unlock your content.

Few words of wisdom,

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