The first atom bomb explosion
The first atom bomb explosion

Whether you are struggling to grow your Instagram or if you’re looking to start a successful Instagram account, you are going to need to build your following. Here are 13 ways to increase your Instagram following.

Instagram is a lucrative social network. If you don’t have an account then you missing out on a huge pool of potential traffic.

1Exploit psychology, boost your account

As I mentioned before, there’s a quicker way to gain followers on Instagram. Buy them.

The indirect followers you gain by seeming like a big deal makes this worthwhile. Fake it until you make it. No-one knows if your followers are fake, but people do notice the attractive numbers. It gives your Instagram credibility. People are attracted to popular people, and follow them more.

There are tonnes of services out there that can boost your account for you. It is the best way to gain followers naturally on Instagram.

SEOClerks is the best place to buy followers for Instagram.

You can also buy likes and comments too if you want to get the extra mile. But the real reasons behind using SEOClerks are that it’s super cheap, there’s a review/feedback system and sellers are competing to offer the lowest cost to you–the customer.

2Use Popular Hashtags


These are just a few examples of popular hashtags that you can throw into your image descriptions and comments.

To save time on writing them out over and over, I suggest that you save your hashtags to a text-file and copy-paste them as they are needed.

Here are 3 websites that have a few lists of popular hashtags based on a niche:

  1. TagsForLikes
  2. Top-HashTags
  3. Post Planner – 25 Most Popular Instagram HashTags

3Use Twitter Hashtags

Log in to Twitter, click “Home”, look at the bottom left; These are the trending hash-tags for today.

Take advantage of these and use them in your posts. I would advise that you stay on topic with them, but if you’re just looking for exposure then use them all.

4Watermark Your Pictures

You can do this on your PC using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint; all alternatives will have the ability to whack some text on a picture.

Generally, any image editing software will do the job.

If your pictures are shared, then people may be inclined to visit your Instagram, when they see your watermark.

There are various pros and cons to using watermarks as mentioned in this article.

5Make Social Media Pages

Try and build as much exposure as possible by building a presence on all social media networks. You can do this by creating pages via. the following links:

6Automate your social posts

Use your social media pages to share your images. Most networks have a hash-tag function, so use them wherever possible.

You can automate the sharing across all your social media accounts by using IFTTT, Buffer, or Hootsuite. I would most advise IFTTT.

7Follow people in your niche

If you run an Instagram account that showcases (for example) mostly BMXs then follow:

  • Popular BMX riders
  • BMX Brands
  • Extreme Sports Channels
  • Other BMX Instagrams

People with similar interests tend to follow one another. There are also more reasons to why you should follow your competitors that are well detailed here.

8Return your likes

It only takes second to like someone else’s photo back and this increases follower loyalty, keeps people happy, and makes people interact with you more.

9Repost other people’s pictures

Download a repost app (such as Repost) and leave credits for any pictures that you repost. Link back to the person you reposted from. People may give you extra exposure and screenshot your repost in some cases.

10Write up a nice bio

Include hash-tags, smilies, and emoticons wherever acceptable. Ask people to follow you and link to another one of your social media accounts.

Here are 10 great tips on how to improve your Instagram bio.

11Comment on Other People’s Pictures

Look for people in your niche that don’t have many comments and leave the first comment on some of their photos.

When their Instagram grows larger your comment will be at the top, this will attract people interested in your niche.

12Tag people

Tag as many people as you can, your image will show up on their profile and you will get more people clicking through to be your follower.

13Respond to your followers

Comments will push your image back up the feed and more people will see it again. This creates another chance for people to like your image if they haven’t already.

It also keeps people interacting with your IG and increases the likelihood that you will be followed.

14Submit your images pages that repost

Many people accept submissions. In some cases you must email them, in some cases you must use a certain hashtag. Try to get in touch with as many as possible to arrange this. Make sure you put a small watermark on your image as some people may not leave the credit.

15Choose an explosive niche

When posting on Instagram it is better to stick to a specific topic. Jumping around from one thing to another can lose loyal viewers.

Most of the platform’s strongest accounts are very specific, like @catsofinstagram or @dogsofinstagram. These are two great examples of accounts that generate huge amounts of traffic on Instagram. And they only post about one specific niche.

Additionally, make sure your name fits your niche–I think you can guess what their content is about. Studies show that you should be a consistent poster too, don’t disappear for long periods, especially if you want to retain your audience after you finally get Instagram followers.

16Sky-rocket your shares through interaction

Social media is all about interaction. If you want to generate traffic to your Instagram account(s), you need to engage in the game of “social media karma”. If you follow other people, and like other people’s pictures, they will do the same in return.

Therefore, you should give out what you expect back from the community. Like pictures on known and unknown accounts, comment on things in your niche, and follow the accounts that genuinely interest you. There’s nothing wrong with having low followers to followed by ratio. Scroll down on the Explore tab, like pictures, and post comments. More interactions = more responses.

17Laser-target your market through hashtags

Hashtags are a great tool on Instagram. However, it is very easy to either overuse them, or to waste them.

First, a picture caption should not be overflowing with hashtags. It makes it your content difficult to read and let’s face it, a little desperate/spammy. Stick to a couple, maybe up to 5 of them that really grasp the idea of the posted picture.

Moreover, if you use hashtags that are way too popular, like #travel or #sky, your picture will be lost in a vast ocean of #travel or #sky pictures.

It is always better to use fairly popular ones that give us room to stay on their front page enough so people can find our post.

18Give you account a proper makeover

This one might be obvious, but it is worth mentioning it anyway. To get Instagram followers you should not only post pictures that are good and pretty enough for others to see (and like!), but also profile needs to be attractive.

A great profile picture and a complete bio would always help you get more followers on Instagram. Having a good picture composition on our timeline is also a great visual effect that creates a good impression towards us and whatever we want to communicate through Instagram.


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