An open toolbox
An open toolbox

A list of essential tools for Internet marketers; domains, hosting, software packages, and services that are bound to create value for any and every internet marketer out there.

Most people struggle to get free time for themselves, so you need good software. Software that returns more value than what you paid for it. I was pretty scared the first time that I bought internet marketing software.

I was probably 17-18, and I bought Scrapebox. A scraping tool with blog spamming capabilities (and a whole host of other tricks).

The thing that really made cringe was the idea that I was handing over $79~ for software that I’d never used nor tried for myself. Needless to say, it served me for some years and all-in-all it was a good investment.

I had to get the information from somewhere, though. I had to know what software and what services to invest in. At the time, I found the software on BlackHatWorld (an internet marketing forum), which was a good resource.

But if you’re on board with me so far, then you’ll trust me when I say that these are the products that have brought me the most value. I hope they bring you positive value too.


1&1 Hosting & Domains

Whether you need managed WordPress hosting, a new domain, or a swift VPS server, 1&1 provides the best.

When you’re an internet marketer, you need to cut your costs and be efficient. Like any other business. You don’t want to the VPS server that you’re running your automation software on to be more than you are earning. If your costs are higher than your profits, then you’ve got problems.

Social media marketing tools


I’ve mentioned the software various times in the past months. I’ve written entire tutorials around the software. It is the most comprehensive social media marketing automation software I have ever used.

A lot of people buy followers, social signals, likes, and comments from sites like SEOClerks. Which is smart for the short-term–when you’re just starting out. But if you want to grow your social media channels with organic real traffic. You need a good strong automation tool.

MassPlanner comes in with a really low price of $9.95 per month. And it works great on 1&1 VPSs.

Tax & Money Management


Saving on your tax-bill and filing the right expenses will change your internet marketing game. You’ll have more money to move around and you’ll have a good strong understanding of your finances.

XERO offers an all in one accountant package that’s great, not only for businesses but for any person with a side-income. I use this software myself.

The software draws all of your transactions, earnings, and payments from your financial accounts. So PayPal, HSBC, credit cards, whatever you can think of; they all get an account automatically.

SEO audits, scanners

Semalt SEO Service

Competing with the likes of Majestic SEO, Ahrefs & Moz; Semalt is the one shining through for me on many levels.

If you run a website or if you’re planning to, you need to get a good understand of what is and what isn’t working. Semalt will show you everything that you need to know about your website. They’ll also show you how to improve it, in detail.

With this service, you’ll be ranking the first page in no time.

Take a look through this presentation if you’d like to get a deeper view. Or just go straight to their website :’).

I will continually update this list with new software and services that really shine through. If you have any recommended products then post them in the comments section below and I’ll look into it!

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