Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves the use of charting, indicators and numerical/data-based information. It’s really important to learn about this area.

By understanding it, you will avoid misusing different indicators and strategies.

You will also be able to build a picture of what all the other traders are doing.

After all, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of a price move. You want to move with the pack.

Level 1 Technical Analysis

Level 1 technical analysis refers to the level of information. Not necessarily the difficulty. Level 1 is anything chart related, information that everyone can see.


TradingView is the most useful tool in your level 1 technical analysis arsenal. You can get a pretty big discount in the deal section too!

  1. TradingView 101


The price chart tells us more than meets the eye. So lets breakdown candlesticks, how to read them, and also Heikin-ashi charts.

  1. Candlesticks 101
  2. Heikin Ashi 101


  1. Drawing Trend lines
  2. Drawing support & resistance lines


Candlestick patterns

  1. Hammer
  2. Inverted Hammer
  3. Morning star
  4. Piercing line
  5. Bullish engulfing
  6. Bearish engulfing

Chart patterns

  1. Flag patterns
  2. Head and Shoulders patterns
  3. Double tops & double bottoms
  4. Wedge patterns


  1. Lagging indicators 101
  2. Leading indicators 101
  3. Moving averages 101
  4. MACD 101
  5. RSI 101
  6. ADX 101
  7. Stoch RSI 101
  8. OBV 101
  9. ATR 101
  10. Ichimoku 101

Level 2

  1. Orderbook 101
  2. Bookmap 101