Lydia Finance Review

lydia finance review

Lydia Finance is a rich-featured DEX. With farms, compounders, and a launchpad for new tokens.


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  • You can swap tokens on Lydia Finance
  • Liquidity isn’t as rich as competitors; Pangolin, Trader Joe
  • Liquidity for their native tokens is good; MAXI, LYD.
  • You can provide liquidity to their DEX for .3% trading fees, and farming.


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  • Lydia offers a lot of different farms.
  • They incentivize several tokens. Offer many AVAX pairs.
  • Rewards are pretty good. Outperforming a lot of competitor DEX farms.
  • Though the rewards are high, farmers are still susceptible to impermanent loss.

Electrum Pools

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  • Electrum pools are Lydia’s single-sided staking options.
  • The rewards are okay when compared with competitors.
  • They are quite popular, so the block reward emissions are somewhat saturated.
  • Great if you’re looking to hold LYD. You can single stake and earn more from your holdings.

Maximizer Farms

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  • Maximizer farms are Lydia’s yield optimizers.
  • They only support Lydia farms, but the rewards are fair.
  • Unlike common yield optimizers, Lydia compounds rewards in single staking.
  • LP does not grow while in the Maximizer farms.
  • These farms are the precursor to their yield optimizer; Maximus.


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  • Lydia supports new projects with their launchpad.
  • By staking LYD/AVAX LP in the launchpad, you can claim allocation in their launches.
  • So far, Lydia has launched projects like Everest DAO and Maximus.
  • Their offerings aren’t as regular as Avalaunch, for example. But still, a launchpad to listen for updates from.
  • There are often two sales. Basic scales, capped. Unlimited sales, uncapped with a fee.


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  • Users can enter into Lydia Lottery to win larger sums.
  • The lottery is a zero-sum game. It is not profitable long-term. Money put in is less than what comes out.
  • Lydia’s team pump up the jackpots with tokens, which can make the game profitable.
  • Jackpot sizes are quite good. Though, they’re also a rarity.

LYD Gate

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  • Lydia have a one-way BSC bridge.
  • They make it simple for people to move funds from Binance Smart Chain to Avalanche.
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