The ultimate list of ways you can Make Money with Bitcoin


Bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin. Seem’s like everyone’s making money with Bitcoin..

.. aside from the few who catch the wrong side of the trend!

Here are some verified ways that you can make money with Bitcoin, that you can action right away!


When people think about making money with Bitcoin, they think trading Bitcoin.

And, there’s a bunch of platforms that make it easy for you to do that:

  • eToro
  • Trading212
  • IG

Each of the above, offers users the option to buy and sell leveraged crypto-currency assets.

etoro bitcoin
Trading Bitcoin on eToro is easy because it’s so user-friendly.

I like eToro because it’s easy to use. And, they have a mobile app.

There’s no fuss, it’s easy to deposit and withdraw, and they’ve got a bunch of technical charts that you can use to predict price changes.


Flipping bitcoin is where you trade person-to-person. Buying under market-rate and selling over market-rate.

It’s very easy to do when you know where you to buy and sell. The top marketplaces for this are:

On LocalBitcoins, most buyers send payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal, allow for instant transfer in good circumstances.

localbitcoins homepage
LocalBitcoins is the most popular to place to trade bitcoin person-to-person.

The benefit of buying and selling on LocalBitcoins are as follows:

  • You don’t need to search for customers
  • Pricing is very competitive
  • There is a feedback system
  • There is an escrow system
  • The support is very helpful


I’m not going to advocate gambling Bitcoin, because gambling usually entails playing a game where the odds are stacked against you.

But it’s still a potentially fun option, should you get lucky. Here are some sites that enable this:

DuckDice is a Bitcoin “dice” gambling site, with a great reputation.

They’re a bunch of places you can gamble Bitcoin, but make sure you choose reputable sites so you don’t get scammed!


This was much easier in the early days of Bitcoin, as it now takes a lot of computing power to profitably mine. But, if you’ve got the spare processing power or extra computer(s), why not give it a shot.

Check out these sites if you want to start mining now:

  • NiceHash
  • Kryptex
  • Honey Miner
  • BetterHash
  • Computta

NiceHash makes mining Bitcoin easy to do, and, you can mine other cryptos too. See which one makes you the most money!


Lending your Bitcoin hasn’t yet hit the mainstream. But there are some pretty good options where you can charge up to 15% interest to borrow your Bitcoin.

The money is available here because of the perceived risk, but the risk is mitigated by good debtor selection and the appropriate steps taken to “know the customer”.

bitbond process workflow
BitBond is a great way to lend your Bitcoin and has a number of features, such as automated lending.

At first, you might wince and worry about safety, but there are options that offer various security measures the keep you secure.

And after all, you don’t have to go all-in on one loan that may turn bad. You can diversify, and spread risk, and earn those lucrative 15% returns on top of wherever the price of Bitcoin rockets too.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, please share ways people can make money with Bitcoin in the comments section below, and I’ll add them to the post!