Make Money Reselling Social Media Panel' Services

This tutorial will show you how to make money by reselling likes, views, subscribers, followers, and similar digital marketing services. You’ll learn where to get the services from, and then where to sell them for a profit!

The way this thing works is simple. We source social media marketing panels that have great prices; these will be your supplier; then we source marketplaces where we can sell them, and you guessed it, we resell them!

Social media panels are dashboards that allow you to purchase a bunch of different services. These services include things such as:

  • Facebook Likes
  • YouTube Subscribers
  • Retweets
  • Reddit Upvotes

When the content of social media gets boosted, it tends to look very attractive. By sending a bunch of likes to a page or a video, you will attract a huge audience naturally.

The whole idea behind this method is to resell the services offered by the panels discussed below. But it’s easier than you think. There are entire marketplaces out there, waiting for listings!

Best social media marketing reseller panels

There are quite a few of these around, but commercially they’re fairly underground. Most people aren’t even aware of this stuff.

  1. Social Media Garden
  2. Retention Panel
  3. Top 4 SMM
  4. Instant Fans – SMM Reseller Panel
  5. Sociaffy

Have a look through all of them and get a feel for which panel you like the most.

Social media panels are usually automated, so you don’t have to worry about reselling a human’s services. Test out the services on one of your own social accounts to get accustomed to how it works.

How to make money reselling likes, views .etc

These panels sell their services really cheaply. Cheap enough that you can sell them for a much higher price without scaring away your customers.

Now you’ve got two options that I’m going to give you. Of course there are many more options, but these two are most specifically the ones I’m going to share with you.

  • Digital Service Marketplaces
  • Your Own Reseller Website

Let’s go through them both.

Resell them on digital services marketplaces

Make an account with:

  1. SEOClerks
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. GigClerk
  5. FiverSEO
  6. SEOMojo

Or just Google “SEO Marketplace“. There’s so many options.

Once you’ve signed up, look through what some of your competitors are doing. Analyse their listings, taking in the methods they use to make their products more attractive; how many images they use and what contact details they put down are great pointers.

Next, make your own listing. Make sure you fill in any details i.e. description, tags, images.

Ensure you put down a similar response time to your social media panel so your customers aren’t unsettled.

Finally, make sure you boost your margins. If you buy 1000 youtube views at $10, make sure you’re selling at least $10.01 (+ fees). Add on money and make profit, it’s simple.

I‘d advise you to branch out onto various sites, you can even interlink your profiles for some SEO ranking benefits; after all, if you’re on Google with your social media listings that you’ll get a tonne of money coming through.

Make your own website

This is tough if you’ve never done this stuff before.

You can, however, sell your services much more expensively because there’s no on-site competition.

The same principles apply from the digital marketplaces method. You put profit on top.

You obviously need a few things though to get this done:

  • A website; if you can’t code, pay someone on Freelancer to do it
  • Money; for ads, it’s hard to compete without this
    • Try out Facebook Ads, but don’t advertise Facebook services on Facebook, simple logic; Facebook Ads is one the cheapest at the moment…
  • SEO; again, pay someone if you can’t do it (the market places I mentioned earlier all have people offering these services cheaply)

The rest of your stuff is assumed, so things like being able to process your orders .etc

Some good examples of sites that are (probably) reselling social media services are:

Things to be aware of

You obviously run the risk of getting a charge-back, but that’s inevitable in this day and age. The likelihood of this, however, is extremely low. If you’re going through marketplaces, you’re less likely to run into these.

There are many ways to protect yourself from charge-backs if you are concerned about this.

If you run your own site, you may not earn lots straightaway, so you’re taking a risk if you don’t see it through. So stick with it, maybe partner up with someone to; working with other people means you can motivate one another.

But, the main reason why there is little-to-no risk:


That means all you’re risking is the minuscule amount of time it takes to make the listing and the little time it takes to copy and paste from your selling site to your panel. Genius.

Final tips

There’s a few tips here that I want to leave you with, but I think everything’s been explained well enough so far..

  • Slightly over-estimate your delivery times at first, once you get a feel for each panel, improve it.
  • Don’t rely solely on one panel
  • Always record the start and finish amount of views, likes, followers .etc; good idea to take photos

And finally, learn more about what social signals actually do. Read up on social media marketing.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or message me on social media.

Until next time, Josh.

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