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If you’re wondering how to make money from Instagram,¬†there are a tonne of possibilities.

I’ve read through a few “make money from¬†Instagram” posts on the internet, but I¬†found that the majority lack any actionable suggestions.

While growing a following, focusing on a niche, and posting regularly are all part of the game, if you’ve already got a decent following then you need the methods to actually make money¬†from Instagram.

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Sell shoutouts on Fiverr

Fiverr is a very well-known site. They allow users to sell any service for $5 or more.

A shoutout on an Instagram account with a decent following could rack you up plenty of $5.00s in no time at all. This is probably one of the easiest ways to make money from Instagram.

Sell clothes

If you run an Instagram account where you could sell clothes to your followers then you’re in luck. Especially if you’re in the luxury niche.

Get some wholesale tees printed, perhaps some hats and jumpers, and rake in the profits. Or even sell you old clothes. There’s a tonne of places you can process the transactions for your sales too.

There are many companies out there that run “referral schemes”.

If you know there’s a hot app out there, give it a google and find out if they have an affiliates section. If they do, then promote the app.

People on Instagram are already on their mobiles, all you need to do is get them to

Promote ASOS Products

Tonnes of people do it. On all social media. Here’s a prime example of people pushing ASOS products.

Combining number 2 and 3, ASOS offers a great affiliate program.

If you’re not too keen investing in some wholesale clothing then simply sell other people’s clothing.

ASOS is a worldwide brand that’s hugely popular. It shouldn’t be too difficult to get people to buy popular clothes from a popular store. And the best part is that you’ll get a healthy commission for every sale. Plus, you only need to post your image once.

Sell your Instagram account

This is obviously the easiest option. However, it’s most likely going to be against Instagram’s terms of service. Finding a buyer generally won’t be too difficult, especially if the account is big.

Contact businesses related to your niche, they’ll be the best contenders likely to give you a chunk of cash for your account.

Although it may be tempting to offload your asset, be alert to other opportunities to make money from your Instagram; your account is an asset that can be used to do any of the other 26 methods I’ve mentioned.

Sell TeeSpring shirts

TeeSpring allows you to design your own clothes online, then sell them, without ever having to touch a single product.

They handle all the shipping, all the difficult stuff. You just post a picture and put a design on the front of a shirt on their site.

Offer promotion to other Instagram users in the same niche

Helping other Instagrammers grow their accounts is a lucrative way to monetize your Instagram account. You can contact them directly or simply go to sites like Fiverr or SEOClerks.

Sell information products, such as make money guides

If you’ve got a big following, and you’ve got a few ways to make money with Instagram, people will trust you and buy your information products.

It’s not hard to come up with some ways to make money with Instagram. Hell, you could steal a few ideas from here. Provided you rewrite them and develop them of course. I’m sure I’ll regret telling you that though.

Sell image features

Contact brands in your niche. Get them to pay you to take a photo of their products. Or better yet, contact other Instagrammers that want their image on the news feed of your followers.

There are millions of firms out there. Marketing is a key component for most businesses. At least successful ones. So contact them, tell them you can get their content out to loads of people. See what comes of it. You’ll be surprised at how keen they are to jump on the Instagram bandwagon.

Promote OGMobi apps

OGMobi is a CPA network. They focus mostly on mobile marketing.

View post on

Provided you’re a tad computer savvy, you’ll be able to push people to install mobile apps and earn anywhere from $1 to $10+ per install. This is an awesome way to make money with not only Instagram but all social media networks.

Get your followers on an email list, and send them offers

What better way to retain your followers than to get their email?

This way you can promote your content, products, and new ventures to them via 2 mediums. Instagram and eMail. If you’re really sneaky you can sell the lists the companies you’ve already contacted about your promotions.

Promote Amazon products through their affiliate scheme

Amazon, the world’s biggest online retailer, offers an affiliate scheme. You can sell literally anything on their site and get a commission.

Don’t turn up the opportunity to bank hard with this.

14. Sell Guides on How To Grow Your Instagram Accounts

If you’ve got a big instagram following then you’re to model person that people will go to to buy an Instagram followers guide. Using sites like you’ll be able to sell digital products for minute fees. Package the guide nicely, perhaps buy some artwork on, post it on Instagram, hey presto. Monetized Instagram account.

Create multiple Instagram accounts, channel traffic between them

Share the wealth between your other assets. Your other Instagram accounts.

If you’re not fond of selling your main I¬†account then grow other ones. Then sell them. Or branch out into other niches, grow your following, and use what you’ve already learned about monetizing your account.

Promote eBay products through their affiliate scheme

Similarly to Amazon and ASOS, eBay also offers an affiliate scheme. It’s a great place to find deals and cheap stuff that’s selling. So drive your followers to listings and grab a sweet referral commission.

Sell services on SEOClerks

SEOClerks, like Fiverr, but more geared towards internet marketers. This an amazing place to sell your Instagram services. There is a lot of competition here, but if you have a big following you can earn more than the measly $5 per shoutout that you’ll earn from Fiverr.

Post sponsored content with NGClick

I’ve never personally tried NGClick, but it’s supposed to be like Sponsored Tweets. They provide you with content, you post it, they pay you. It saves you contacting people and it saves people having to look for you.

Put out positive testimonials of referral schemes

There are tonnes of referral schemes out there where you don’t need to sell anything. Most make money sites offer referral schemes. Web hosting services such as Hostgator pay $25 per referral. is a great place too.

Promote music snippets for small music artists

A relatively untouched niche. Contact small musicians and post snippets of their music. Potentially with a funny video. Make it go viral. You’ll make money, and you’ll help other people achieve their dreams too.

Promote companies with Takumi

Takumi is an app that connects you to¬†the businesses that you’re looking for, kinda like NGClick.

Promote companies with InstaBrand

Again, pretty much the same as NGClick and Takumi.

Promote coupon codes, that make you money

If you’re not fond of promoting affiliate products then go with a program that will let you offer coupon codes. Your followers get a good deal and you get a payoff. Everyone’s happy.

Do sponsored reposts

Instead of doing features and faffing, just contact people for a paid repost. Download the Repost app, whack the original posters name in the top (done by default), and done. If the contents good then there’s no problem with this at all.

Automate DMs to your followers, that contain offers

Direct messaging is very powerful. Lots of people swipe past Instagram photos, but everyone reads their DMs. Use software like MassPlanner to automate your messages. It’s also a great piece of software for growing your Instagram accounts even more!

Promote SEOCerks services

SEOClerks runs an affiliate scheme. That means you can sell Instagram followers to people already on Instagram. Product, placement, demand, supply, profit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the read. If you have any questions that leave a comment below. Also, which methods were your favorite? Have you had any experience with any of these methods? Do you have any suggestions?
I look forward to hearing from you,


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