Article Writing: How To Make Money Writing Articles on iWriter

Get Paid To Write Articles

This article is going to show you how you can make money. But make money by writing articles for iWriter. You can set your own hours of work. You can write creatively without worrying about generating traffic, or maintaining and website. But of course you need a platform thats going to pay you.

If there’s one platform worth a mention, it’s iWriter.

Available to writers around the world, iWriter is excellent for beginners. It’s extremely easy to use. The only really requirements are:

  • A Paypal account
  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • The ability to write
  • Decent english skills

iwriter make money

Once you’ve registered with iWriter and have completed your profile, you will be faced with a nice big welcome message and a video with instructions how to use this website–the same video as at the top of this post in fact. Have a quick watch so you get accustomed to the platform.

Whats so good about iWriter?

Aside from the things I’ve already mentioned, the best thing about iWriter is that you can immediately start writing and making money. If you click on the “write content” it will automatically take you to the page with articles that are ready for writing.

iwriter projects

It sounds really interesting right? Of course it does, it’s super easy to do!

Second of all, you need to know about the “progression scheme” that iWriter provides. At first, everybody starts as a standard writer. There are members on this site titled as premium and elite writers, and content reserved for them is highlighted in blue (elite) and yellow (premium). As you write more articles–earn more money–and deliver on more projects, you’ll find yourself moving up the rankings; the higher you rank, the more work you get, and the more you get paid for your work. Don’t be deterred just yet though, there is equal chance for everyone to get paid for writing articles.

iWriter Ratings
It’s quite possible to make a lot of money with iWriter. Look at how many articles these guys have written!

In order to become a premium member you must write 30 articles and have 4.0 star rating. To become an elite member you must write 30 or more articles and have 4.6 star rating. So have patience, believe in yourself and make an effort to succeed because you will get a rate from a requester (from 1-5 stars).

Another major advantage to iWriter, if you are not satisfied with the collaboration between you and the article requester, you can you also get to rate them. This way you are helping other members to steer clear of the bad employers.

How much does iWriter pay?

Now we need to talk about talk a little bit about the earnings on iWriter. Each article has its own price–set by the requester, this can vary a lot, but thankfully you keep the majority of all the earnings.

iwriter project
For this project you’d be paid $3.65 to write 150 words. Not bad right?

Another pointer to bare in mind, if your article really appeals to the employer then they can offer to “tip” you after the work is completed. Once you have accrued some money on iWriter then you will be able to request a payout. The minimum payout on iWriter is 20$. They also pay via Paypal.

The great thing about the iWriter is that you can choose the payout date too. Payments are made every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, every month on the 5th and every month on the 25th.

Do they offer support?

If you run into any problems while using the site or you have any questions they also have a great support team. They answer really quickly. They are very polite too. There is still one thing to do, open your browser, visit and start working with pleasure.

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