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Matched betting is a fool-proof way of making money on gambling sites.

Bets are mathematically sound and exploit the signup offers that give away free money to keep playing.

It sounds too good to be true at first, but carry on through the tutorial and you’ll see just how effectively matched betting really is.

Betting sites that offer bonuses

First you need to pick 2 gambling sites. Here’s a 2 to that you can start with:

Each site has a bonus offer for new members. With Betfair, when you bet £10 you get £30 in free bets. With William hill you get the same too!

Read before you act:

By placing your first bets, you will have £40 on the table at Betfair and £30 with William hill. It would be great if you could pull the money out straight away, but unfortunately, you can’t do that.

You need to bet the Free Bets to get withdraw-able funds in your cash balance.

Do not place any bets yet. Simply signup to both sites and enter the promo-codes and we’ll deposit momentarily.

Matched betting football example

We’re going to bet on both options but on only one per site. In my example, we’ll bet on Over on William Hill and Under on Betfair.

Select Over/Under 2.5 Goals

We’ll be betting on Under or Over 2.5 goals in Football because there are only two options. Match odds have 3, which is bad for us.

Change the match odds to Over/Under…

Then spot a match where the odds for both sides are fairly equal and nearest to 2 as possible.

Then find the same game on the other site.

Set Your Betting Odds to Decimal

Odds can get confusing if they’re displayed as fractions. There’s a box on both sites where you can change the odds to decimal.

On William Hill it’s above the games you can bet on. On Betfair is right at the bottom of the page near the footer.

Deposit cash to both sites

Once you’ve found a game that you’re happy with on both sites, ensuring it is the same game and its an Over/Under game with only 2 options, deposit on both sites.

If a site charges a transaction fee, make sure you factor this in. You must meet the bonus requirements. Don’t miss any coupon codes that you need to put in.

Place your first bet on one team on one side, and bet on the opposite team on the other site. The idea is that you cannot feasibly lose.

Once the bet comes in, you will end up with £19~ on one site and £0 on the other in your cash balance. You will have been credited with your bonus free bets on both.

Repeat with your free bets

With your free bets, if you’ve followed this guide, you will have £69 in total. But as I mentioned before, you need to bet your free bets so they are in cash.

Repeat the same process as before, find a game you are happy with on both sites. Bet on the opposite teams on each side until all the free bets are spent.


And that’s it. You’ve completed your matched betting process and you will have come away with more than 5-6x your money.

Do not gamble

Gambling is highly addictive. Do not feel enticed by the marketing on these sites. The only way you can win long-term is if you match your bets and harvest the deposit bonuses.

Scale-up and make more money

Once you’ve cashed out your first cycle of cash, you will not be able to get another sign-up bonus.

Now you need to seek out more sites with sign-up bonuses and do the same thing.

You can really hit the jackpot with sites that offer percentages on your deposits.

Some sites offer 100% bonuses on 3 figure deposits. But again, please please please please, do not deposit more than you can afford to risk. Do not feel enticed to gamble. And make sure you’re 18 years of age.

Get Matched Betting Tips

Lots of people push tips of Twitter, follow these accounts, and get the best wins direct!

If you have any more questions or if you’re unsure about this guide, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Until next time, Josh


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