Copyright infringement, that’s the phrase that was likely sitting on your mind before you clicked this article. And you’re right to be worried. If you’re looking to start a YouTube channel that reuses other people’s content, what right do you have to copy their work?

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to monetise YouTube compilations to make money.

But first, we need to get to grips with fair use, and whether you’re allowed to monetise youtube compilations!

YouTube advocates for fair use

Though you do have one weapon on your side. YouTube advocates for fair-use. When your video is transformative. At which point, I guess it comes down to 2 schools of thought; those who say you can’t copy other peoples work and those who say you can.

You only need to take a look at the likes of FailArmy, PeopleAreAwesome and WorldStarHipHop(their fight compilations). Admittedly, these channels can now probably survive solely on user-submissions, which is excellent for them, but they both started somewhere.

They started by using other people’s content, transforming the material into something new, and pushing it out as a new product.

Make your YouTube compilations transformative

One thing I want to point out here is the fact that they never “just reuploaded it “. Because that’s a copyright infringement, straight up. You’ve done nothing to transform the content, nothing to back your corner for fair use and nothing to warrant your right to post their content.

You might be following here; transformative content, fair use, acceptable.

The content you post can be anything. I’d advise you choose the material that is compilation worthy. After all, collections of how to install Minecraft probably aren’t going to kick off.. although you never know.

Many evergreen genres are compilation worthy:

  • TikTok compilations,
  • comedy compilations,
  • fight compilations (though this is a bit sketchy, especially when monetising, don’t do it),
  • Live concert compilations.

You’ve seen them all before.

Building on other peoples work in your YouTube compilations

Great people rarely invent things. They take excellent components from great inventors. Put them together and push at the quality that breaks boundaries of which we’ve become adjusted.

When you come to start your YouTube compilations project, think about ways you can firstly transform the content. Secondly, do it in a manner that pushes the boundaries.

OzzyManReviews monetises YouTube videos that he doesn’t own, by making the content transformative!

It can be as simple as you want to make it. or as elaborate as you wish. Think about all the compilations you’ve seen with no voiceover. There’s a reason why “RudeTube” is on TV, or “You’ve Been Framed” is on TV. They have voice-overs.

The narrators are funny and add to the effect. Hell, you could even delve into the realm of fake laughter to prompt the user to laugh. Or a few meme sound effects when a failure occurs; a Roblox “ooft”, for example.

Don’t just churn out YouTube compilations, keep them consistent. Write out good descriptions and pull out all the shots when it comes to retaining your audience. You could use a teaser before something shocking happens, right at the start of the video, and don’t show the actual video until later in the compilation.

Making your YouTube compilations with quality

Add some fresh music in the background of your YouTube compilations. Use royalty-free music. Make sure the sound is just right, I hate loud music on compilation videos, and everyone else does too. It takes away from the videos, and it’s plain annoying.

Justin Brown discusses how to get royalty-free music for your videos

The world is your oyster with this one; don’t reupload other people’s content. Transform the material, make it something better than it already was, and delve into making your content top quality. Break some boundaries.

YouTube Compilation Software you need to try

I’ve dabbled in more complex video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas, but frankly, I find that they’re too complicated. And they take ages to churn out content.

I would advise you to use Camtasia, it’s well priced, and does everything you need to start creating quality videos. I use it for all of my YouTube videos.

Camtasia overview, it’s super easy to use.

You can record your screen with it, do voice-overs too, but the thing that sets it apart from the others is the unfettered ease of use.

You can also upload your content directly to YouTube too. A bonus.

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