A photo of an old dusty computer being dusted.

Many of us have been through a few computers on our journey through time, however, we still have the old computers sat around the house.

Mine crypto

If your old computer is still fairly powerful then mining a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin is a good way to generate income.

There are few fallbacks to this in that bitcoins are rapidly becoming harder and harder to mine due to the nature of the currency, however, if you have a semi-decent GPU then joining up to a bitcoin mining pool such as “BTC Guild” you may be able to salvage a few £’s from the once adored computer that ceased to live.

Introducing NiceHash Miner 3 | NiceHash
Mining Bitcoin with NiceHash miner

One of the main points that you’ll need to know about is that you should only mine bitcoin if you are going to make a profit, an easy way to determine whether you will is by using a bitcoin mining calculator.

If you’re baffled by any of the terms used in the calculator then watch this video to get a clearer view of what is required of you to start mining bitcoin.

Run macros and bots

There are a whole host of programs and scripts available that allow you to automate almost everything such as Games, Social Media accounts, and traffic exchange software. You might be thinking, “how am I going to make money online with this”?.

Well, the answer is pretty simple, if you are going to grow a social media account, then automate (for example) following and liking in order to build a popular social media account, these can then be sold to marketers or new owners that want to start a business or venture of some sort, for quite a lot of money.

It doesn’t take long to grow social media accounts and they can fetch £1000s if they’re grown well and is a popular niche.

Traffic exchange sites such as Hitleap allow users to watch YouTube videos in exchange for points that can then be allocated to views other YouTube videos, this can make money online in a few ways:

  1. Growing a large YouTube account that can be sold
  2. Selling views
  3. Growing a seemingly popular YouTube account that can then be used to sell products once it ranks high on the search results

Hitleap is by far the easiest way to move forward with this method so here’s a nice tutorial that shows you how to get started.

If you’re looking for some social media bots then check out thebot.net it’s a great forum for free bots.

Rent out processing power

This has been around for a long time and it’s simply a way for research firms to get more computation power to, for example, render difficult chemical reactions in virtual reality, etc.

The good thing about this is that you might get a warm fuzzy feeling that you’re helping mankind (while getting free money from your old computer).

Some sites use your processing power so that people can use virtual machines for testing (this is secure don’t worry…).

Sites such as Slicify and GomezPEER allow you to take advantage of renting out your processing power.

Salvage the gold from your computer parts

While you may only fetch a few pennies for selling your old computer parts on eBay you can actually salvage the little bits of gold dotted about your system, don’t think you’re going to be hitting the jackpot here but you could be pleasantly surprised.

The older the system tends to link to more gold as gold has become increasingly more expensive over time (despite the recently slumps), this can be fairly tricky however, but here’s a decent video of a guy getting the gold from his own parts.

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