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Social media lockers have always been lucrative.

If you’re running any sort of WordPress blog, whether it be a CPA blog, a blog for your music, or just something that has content worth locking, it’s worthwhile trading your content for a share.

Now, I run a few CPA blogs, PPI blogs, and similar things, and if there’s one plugin that’s pushed me a bunch of traffic, it has to be OnePress social locker.

OnePress WordPress Social Locker

This social locker blows all of the other out of the water. Firstly, because it has a bunch of themes. Secondly, because you can “program” them simply, and to do a whole bunch of different things.

What social networks does OnePress Social Locker work with?

All the big ones. Twitter, Facebook, G+, LinkedIn. You could probably argue, well it’s doesn’t have Pinterest or Myspace. But be serious, they’re nowhere near as influential as the big 3, nor linkedin.

Oh, and I forgot to add, you can also get people to subscribe to YouTube. So if you’re serious about internet marketing, and you want to break into video marketing, then this is the locker for you.

What’s Good About The URL Feature?

One of the main things I like about this locker is that you can either have the current page shared or liked, or, you can specify an URL. Any URL. This poses a bunch of opportunities to you.

  1. Growing other internet marketing campaigns
  2. Selling social services, if you have the traffic
  3. Building social signals for SEO purposes to a lesser known page or URL

The Sign-In Locker

Back in the day, Facebook share lockers were raking in $xx,xxx’s for people. Namely because people could run rampant, sharing viral share locker CPA campaigns through people’s friends lists.

Unfortunately this feature was patched, and rightly so, it caused more annoyance than good to the masses.

But guess what, they’ve got the feature in this plugin. What more could you ask for.

Where to Download Onepress Social Locker

This plugin is offered on CodeCanyon.

I wouldn’t bother with any nulled copies, I’ve tried them, got my blogs “shelled”, lost more than it’s worth.

For the $25/£17 that I invested. It’s definitely been payed off n times over. Try it for yourself.

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