List of Polygon DEXs


Polygon Matic is a popular Ethereum sidechain. It’s EVM compatible, run smart contracts, and hosts a bunch of different projects. If you’re new to the space, here’re the best DEXs on Polygon.

Before you jump in, if you don’t already have the Polygon network connected to your Metamask, use RPC Info to add the Polygon RPC.

Polygon DEXs

1. QuickSwap (Most popular Polygon DEX)

The main DEX on Polygon. A Uniswap V2 fork. Has the most liquidity on Polygon.


2. SushiSwap (Popular, deep liquidity)

A popular cross-chain DEX. They’re on more than just Polygon. Has deep liquidity.


3. Uniswap (Popular, deep liquidity)

Another popular cross-chain DEX. One of, if not the, first AMMs. Forked by most other AMMs in the crypto space.


4. MeshSwap (Smaller, with good farming options)

Yet another Polygon AMM. Also offers lending, farming, staking.


5. Curve (Best DEX for Stablecoins)

The top stablecoin swap in the space. Anything stablecoin, use Curve. They offer staking and farming too. Pretty decent APRs for stable LPs.



There are multiple DEXs on Polygon. The most liquid is QuickSwap. Many of them are on multiple chains. And, many offer staking, farming, lending. If it’s stablecoins you’re after, use Curve.


What is Polygon Matic?

Matic is a blockchain platform that provides scalability, instant finality, and increased security for Ethereum.

Matic is built on the Plasma framework, which enables the network to scale while maintaining security and decentralization.

Is Polygon Matic cheap to use?

Yes! Matic is incredibly affordable to use. We have a very low transaction fee, and there are no setup costs or long-term contracts. You can start using Matic today and pay just $0.0050 per transaction.

Is Polygon Matic fast?

Yes! Matic is designed to be fast and secure. It uses a delegated proof-of-stake system, which means that instead of using mining pools, the network can verify transactions quickly and securely.

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