I’ve been hiding this little gem for a while.

I love PriceYak. It’s incredible.

PriceYak is an automation service, that automates dropshipping from numerous retailers to your e-commerce store, ebay store, shopify, amazon and other shop fronts.

What Does It Cost

Before I get on into the things I love about PriceYak, lets talk figures.

PriceYak is super-accessible. You pay per automated listing once you surpass 250 listings.

My Advice For Newbies

Wait until your store is big enough to list more than 250 listings. $49/month sounds a lot more than $0.20 per listing.

Bulk Listing Creation

Now, if you’re looking to use this for eBay-Amazon dropshipping or something similar, you’re going to feel blessed by this feature.

You can literally copy in the listing URL from any of the site you can see that drop-down, they’ll automate the listing-copy process to your store.

Custom Listing Templates

You’ve got a bunch of tags and different elements you can add to your listings.

This is great because you can make really nice listings.

You can wire things like Bootstrap into your listings on a large scale; great for eBay, for example.

Easy To Use

If you’re looking to quickly delist an item, it’s one click away..

If you want to change the settings, one click.

Automated Price & Quantity Revisions

This is a super important thing for any drop-shipper.

When prices change or when an item goes out of stock, it either means Losses or Refunds.

PriceYak sorts that out for you. The second something changes, it updates your listings.

Automated Ordering

I’ve never used this because I automated my order process offline using GhostMouse.

But, for those of you looking for a hands-off approach, check this out.

To avoid overselling, you can add multiple accounts.

This is super useful.

You can even add custom messages, and set it to stop selling when you hit that selling limit on your vendor.

Delisting Duplicate Listings

When you’re scaling your business, you’re gonna make mistakes.

Little mistakes like duplicate listings will cost you, create issues and doesn’t look professional.

And Finally, Killing Those Shitty Listings That Aren’t Profiting

This is most favourite feature on PriceYak.

It’s priceless.

Every business has those underperformers that they really need to get rid of.

I kill 50 listings per week, but I upload 60 per week.

But you know what, it’s those 10 solid earners that I’m keeping, and making that nice consistent profit on.

Keep your business turning and profiting, try out PriceYak.

Until next time,


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