I think everyone’s heard about the new Pokémon game that’s just come out. And, in all honesty, I’ve not seen any hype like this since the days of Mew-two and Entei.

When something blows up like this in the media there’s always a clever way to profit from the traffic. At the moment there are tonnes of people searching for the game.

1. Show People How To Download The Game

Whether you do this on YouTube or your own blog, you can use a whole host of ways to monetize this.

Lets say you take the YouTube route, you can make a video of your self going to the website, install the app and using the app briefly. YouTube is pre-built to include adsense ads in the videos, so you can make a tonne of money on this by getting ahead of the crowd, turning on your adsense ads and sitting back while money rolls in.

2. Create Tutorials and Tip Lists that Help People Improve

This is a similar concept to the first, however, once everyone’s downloaded the game, they’re going to be looking for these guides. They will definitely come back to them too.

Using the same concept as before, with regards to adsense, you can put your ads on your videos, your blog or where-ever else you put your content.

You could also create a small .PDF guide and sell it! Using simple download sites such as Sell.fy, you can charge people per download and get the cash directly to your PayPal account.

3. Start Selling Pokemon Merchandise

When a craze starts–which the game appears to be–people buy merch. And, they buy lots of it.

Alibaba and similar wholesalers from abroad will ship you stock for crazily low prices. Take a look at some Pokemon soft toys.

pokemon plush toy on alibaba

They’re up for approx $1-2 each. The picture above isn’t the best representation as you need to buy a lot, so here’s a link to take a look for yourself.

There’s a very clear profit margin that can be seen on eBay. You could also venture out to Amazon and get them stocked in mass on there!

pokemon toys on ebay
People are buying, and they’re going.
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