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Ranking YouTube videos fast can be an absolute nightmare for newbie internet marketers, especially those of you who’re into using CPA and PPD to make money online. So I’ve put together 3 simple steps to rank YouTube videos fast.

Make sure you’re using proper on-page SEO

If you’re video has been optimized for search engines you might still rank, but you won’t rank for what you might be hoping for. There is a simple routine to follow in order to make sure you’re ranking both properly and quickly.

Make sure that your keyword(s)/key-“phrase”(s) are included in your…

  1. Title
  2. First/second line of your description
  3. Video tags
  4. Custom thumbnail’s file name
  5. Video’s file name and meta-tags (easily accessible by right-clicking and going to properties on a windows computer)
  6. Channel keywords
  7. Any “linked-to” external pages

As with every other SEO guide you’ve read, make sure that you don’t go overkill with the keywords, just write naturally and make sure you throw some of your targeted keywords in their a few times. “Over-targeting” can be harmful for your video so you should try to target several keywords, you don’t lose any “ranking-juice” because you’re targeting more than one keyword or key-phrase, at the end of the day the search algorithms have been designed to read human writing, not robotic search engine “optimal” writing.

Furthermore, write a good amount of text, the fact that there is more text there is a positive ranking factor in itself, even if what you’ve written in biased and mind-boggling poorly written, just get the content on the video.

Get views, preferably high-retention views and cheaply

If you’re trying to rank your video fast you want to get a good amount of traffic to it within the first few hours so that it’s automatically picked out as being a hot topic. Obviously this is easier said than done, but with $1-5 it’s easier left to someone willing to send you 1000s of high-retention views via. SEOClerks 

From my own experience, you don’t necessarily need high-retention views to rank, especially if you’re receiving 1-10k views within a few hours but for the most part, SEOClerks is definitely the way forward for these services as Fiverr is over priced and people elsewhere on the internet are simply reselling these SEO services to make money online (which you can see how to do here).

If you do decide to purchase some youtube services from SEOClerks, make sure that you’re not running Adsense on your videos as Google doesn’t take kindly to this sort of traffic being monetized, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Get subscribers, for a penny each time

Subscribers the next biggest ranking factor and again with the help of SEOClerks you can make it all happen. While yes, the subs are likely to be fake subs, if your videos are ranking high then the subs will come naturally, all you need is that initial boost in order to start the ripple that turns into a wave of real traffic.

You can get subscribers for about 1p/1c each on SEOClerks, which again is a fantastic resource for internet marketers literally on tap for minimal expenditure.

How many you buy is up to you but considering that most people don’t/won’t exceed 300-400, 500 is a good bet to start with.


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