Copywriting &
article creation

SEO-optimal text for your project. Tutorials, reviews, copy. We're also experienced in building out whitepapers, and technical content.

Published on True Miller: $0.24c p/word.
Ghost writing: $0.24c-$0.49c p/word.
Technical writing: $0.4-0.59c p/word.

Videos &
leveraging YouTube

You've seen the quality of True Miller's videos. Get some created for your project. Or, leverage our YouTube channel and have it published on True Miller.

Content Creation: $249-500 p/video.
Ghost creation: $299-1000 p/video.

Sound design & podcasting

We provide crisp, professional, processed audio for videos and podcasts. If you already have audio, we can make it professional, listenable and clean.

Content creation: $49 p/minute.
Sound processing: $24 p/minute.

Content marketing strategy

Video calls covering organic marketing strategy, how we can support you, maximizing low hanging fruit.

Voice chat consultations: $50-100 p/hour.

Who we work with


Pangolin is the one of the first, and largest decentralized exchanges on the Avalanche blockchain.

We support content creation and marketing strategy.

Yield Yak

Yield Yak is the largest liquidity farming auto-compounder on the Avalanche blockchain.

We create content, publish, run social media campaigns, and support business development.

Elk Finance

Elk Finance is a cross-chain liquidity network, branching the Fantom, Matic, AVAX, BSC, and ETH ecosystems.

We create and publish content; support SEO and social media.


Avaware brings together talented open-source developers to collaborate in building innovative projects.

We support SEO, Social Media; create and publish content, and head up the Avalanche Today project.

Avalanche Today

Avalanche Today is the leading Avalanche news source. It is a part of the Avaware ecosystem.

We support through content creation, marketing, innovation, project leading, business development, and technical delivery.


AVME is the first decentralized blockchain-based antivirus security suite of its kind.

We create and publish content; support social media, SEO, and business development.

Lydia Finance

Lydia Finance is a decentralized exchange on the Avalanche blockchain. We supported Lydia Finance by creating videos for their on-site tutorial series.