Shopify and dropshipping tend to go hand-in-hand nowadays. For the longest time, I remember seeing Shopify Dropshipping ads plastered on every YouTube video, and it’s really not that difficult.

What is Shopify

Shopify is user-friendly e-commerce platform.

They allow users to set up online stores, where they can sell anything they wish.

Shopify stores are very easy to set up as all the techy website stuff is already done for you.

You just need to add products, set prices and fill in the other business variables; shipping, details .et

Shopify costs, but it’s not too expensive to get a basic store. The basic store is great for new starters, and has most of the features that the more expensive packages have.

There are a number of benefits to shopify. You get support, all the techy stuff is handled by them, and you get things like fraud analysis thrown in too.

If you’re not willing to throw money at it straightaway, you can use their trial for 14 days. The trial shop is fully-functional; so you can set up your site, get a feeler for how things work and start making money.

If you like their platform, you can pay for it. And with a little effort, the profits can easily negate the costs.

What is Dropshipping

This the business model behind the whole venture. It makes running an online store really easy because you don’t need to handle stock, packaging, or any of the other laborious processes a normal business requires.

Dropshipping works in a 3 simple steps:

  1. Sell another company’s product
  2. Put the buyer’s delivery details in on the suppliers website
  3. Pay for the item and ship direct to the customer

To put it simply, you’re going to sell things before you own them.

With the money and delivery address given to you by the customer, you fulfill the order by purchasing it for them from another, cheaper source.

Finding suppliers

With drop-shipping, the world is your oyster. You can dropship from anywhere you like, be it some cheap Chinese retailer, Amazon or some other online business.

The cheaper retailers are usually the best shout, and you’ll have to do some research into them. But, you can check out sites like DealExtreme or DHGate; they sell a bunch of stock at very competitive prices.

Some sites even offer dropshipping options that don’t stop your customers recieving branded packaging.

Putting it together

This is pretty simple. You advertise the products from your supplier’s websites on your Shopify store. And don’t forget to increase the price so you can make a profit!

If you want to take it a step further, order tester stock and take your own pictures, and maybe even do video reviews.

Good luck!

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