A woman typing on her laptop keyboard while sat on her bed
A woman typing on her laptop keyboard while sat on her bed

If you’re looking to make money by writing, you’re in the right place. Here’s a nice, curated list of sites that will pay you for your writing, or at least connect you to people, opportunities, jobs, that will pay you to write.

Without further ado, lets get into it.


iWriter is one of the most popular paid writing sites. It’s perfectly suited to writers and people that are looking for writing services. You’ll find a broad range of work, but there tends to be a focus on reviews and short blog posts.

What Is iWriter? | - HIGHLANDER MONEY
Examples projects and the interface used at iWriter

The interface is well optimized for you to write as much as you can, churning out content, making money quickly in the process.


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Writing projects available on Freelancer, you can filter down how you like, to find what you want to do.

Freelancer is the most popular freelancing platform on the internet. It isn’t restricted solely to writing, but because of it’s popularity, you’ll find plenty of writing work available here. You’ll find a real breadth of opportunities, and a lot of specialized work. Hell, you’ll probably uncover some interesting stories behind the people that’re looking to employ you as their writer too.

Unlike many strict “paid writing sites”, you have the potential to find consistent clients that, for example, require a semi-permanent writing position to be filled for a blog or magazine. There are some jobs valued at over five-figures, and there are hourly-paid jobs.

To win work, you place bids. Make sure to make your bid attractive. Tailor you description and pricing to meet the requirements of the job poster. If you’re new and have limited feedback, offer a lower price, it’s a great way to build a good feedback that you can later use to leverage high prices for your work.


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