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stop limit orders

Stop Limit Orders 101: Securing Profits, Conditional Execution (an alternative to Stop Losses)

Stop Limit Orders are super powerful order types for traders. They let you take profits and Stop losses whilst you are in a trade....
Cryptocurrency Pairs 101

Cryptocurrency Pairs 101: The Simple Guide to Crypto Trading Pairs

You're bound to come across many cryptocurrency pairs when using cryptocurrency exchanges. They're simple to understand, but --talking from experience--they can be somewhat confusing...
rsi indicator on tradingview

RSI Indicator 101: Overbought, Oversold & Overabused

Learn how to use, read and trade the RSI indicators. Interpreting overbought and oversold trading signals.
limit order order type true miller

Limit Orders 101: Simplified Trader’s Guide to Using a Buy & Sell Limit Order

Whilst trading, you'll come across several different orders types. One of the most commonly used is the Limit Order. Limit Orders explained What is a limit...

Protected: Building a LocalBitcoins Autoresponder Bot in Python

An autoresponder is an incredibly good way to keep your LocalBitcoins trade response time as low as possible, and its perfect for those of you that're getting inundated with trades in the current Bitcoin climate.

KuCoin P2P: LocalBitcoins-style Person-to-Person Crypto-Trading

KuCoin just released their P2P crypto exchange. You can trade cryptos with other people in exchange for fiat currency and cryptocurrency. Exactly like people do on LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins Review: Is LocalBitcoins Safe? Legitimate? Anonymous?

Not sure whether to use LocalBitcoins? I've laid out the many pros and cons of using their site in this LocalBitcoins review -- skip all the others.