Teddy Cash Review

Teddy Cash Review

Despite the bearish branding, Teddy has exploded. In price, TVL, and in market cap. In a very short period of time. Both TEDDY and TSD (Teddy’s USD Stablecoin) flirting with Top 5 rankings on Pangolin by both liquidity and volume.

Teddy Cash

Let’s break down Teddy Cash.

What is Teddy Cash

Lending protocol.

You deposit AVAX, and recieve TSD upto 90% of the AVAX value. The AVAX remains locked, but you maintain exposure to AVAX. You can do what you like with the TSD that’s issued.


TSD is Teddy’s stablecoin. It’s minted when people lock AVAX in Troves.

Yield farm

There are multiple yield-earning features. The Stability pool, TEDDY staking, AVAX/TSD farm, and AVAX/TEDDY farm.

Teddy’s two tokens


Teddy Cash’s native token. Used to reward liquidity providers and farmers. Later usage will involve governance.

2. TSD

Teddy Cash’s USD stablecoin. Minted when users open troves. Storing AVAX. Kept stable by market forces.

  • Borrowing. The key motivation for Teddy. People can borrow further assets on top of their AVAX. Allowing people to lever up, or hedge with other altcoins.
  • Arbitrage. The TSD coin fluctuates, as all coins do. If TSD exceeds $1.10, there are riskless opportunities to profit. If TSD falls under $1, again, there are riskless opportunities to profit.
  • Simplicity. Unlike most lending protocols, Teddy is simple. Deposit AVAX, get TSD. Spend TSD as you want to.

Is Teddy Cash safe

Liquity contracts

Teddy Cash is a fork of Liquity. Liquity is a large lender no Ethereum. Their contracts are battle tested with over $2b in liquidity. Teddy’s contracts are almost direct copies of this code. Liquity has been audited multiple times. The contracts are also immutable. Ownership has been relinquished, and the contracts run truly autonomously.

Ongoing audit with Hashex

Despite Liquity being battle tested. Teddy Cash are undergoing an audit with Hashex. Who, have never had a breach. Thus compelling further trust in Teddy’s users.

Market forces

Stablecoins have risk of moving off peg. Teddy Cash has multiple safety measures to maintain price. Mostly built around arbitrage. Profitable opportunities for market participants to profit by keeping Teddy’s TSD stable.

Where you can buy Teddy

Teddy tokenomics

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 TEDDY

The Teddy Cash Team

  • zeb – founder
  • mrhello – cofounder
  • disciple leon – biz dev, marketing
  • jomari – advisor
  • jun – advisor
  • myself – advisor

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