It was only a day or two ago when I was answering some questions on Quora that I stumbled across a seemingly simple question to ask, “How do you make $5000 in 4 weeks”. I sat there for a moment and thought to myself, “well, anyone can make $5000 in 4 weeks if they grow a business for enough time”, but then I thought that’s not really a good answer, this person probably has nothing and want’s to make money from nothing.

The usually things popped into my head, CPA methods, eBay, illegal things, selling drugs and selling your bum-cheeks on the corner of a dim-lit high-street at 3am (not that I have any experience in this); a good offline CPA method seemed to be the way, but how do you get traffic fast from nothing when you know nothing about CPA, better yet, know nothing about internet marketing and all the fantastic techniques that most take years to learn?

So I thought long and hard about a method I’d considered in the past to make money, drew up the maths and figured I could potentially do it in 18.18 days and pay a younger sibling of mine to keep me company, while getting a tan and getting fit.

The Overview

So obviously this isn’t going to be your standard CPA method. as you’re going to get a tan and hire a younger sibling. Instead of trawling around the internet you’re going to make physical flyers, actually I lied, you are going to pay a professional company a small amount for a lot of professional flyers and pay someone $5 to design it.

Then you’re going to put them through people doors and reap the rewards. Stop before you click away from this post, as a potentially avid computer user I understand that the thought of walking along the street posting flyers does not appeal to you, but read over the maths and the method before you make your judgement.


Although this method isn’t exactly building up from absolute 0, the requirements are minimal.

  • A CPA Network Account, you can use CPAGrip
  • A bit of money, no more than $30 as your only investment
  • (Optional) An employer .aka a younger sibling or relative, preferably one that’s fit and healthy, or needs to be


This method is super simple so I’m going to bullet point it out for you.

  1. Find a good CPA offer
    1. Relevant to your local area
      1. Local Super Market
      2. Local Fast Food Store
      3. Popular Local Store
    2. Free To Complete
      1. Email Submit
      2. Trial
      3. Download
    3. Pays Out Well
      1. $1+
  2. Find a flyer company
    1. VistaPrint
  3. Find flyer specifics from company website
    1. Size of flyers (GoforA6orA5)
      1. Resolution of image required for flyer
    2. Price
  4. Find a graphic designer on
    1. Get them to design flyer to specifications
    2. Make sure they put your affiliate/CPA offer url on the bottom
  5. Order as many flyers as you can afford
    1. You can get 1000 A6 flyers from VistaPrint for £14.99
    2. The more you buy the cheaper they are
  6. Post them through people s doors
    1. You can easily do 300 in a day, but aim for 500 if you can push yourself
    2. Get your “employee” (younger exploitable relative) to do the same and pay them maybe 5-10p per flyer posted.

The Math

Startup Costs

  1. Flyer design: $5
  2. 1000 Flyers: £15 ($25~)

So the initial cost ways up to about £18/$30; given that you have 1000 flyers for this price, and you chose to pay your employee 5p per flyer posted, your employee can earn a maximum of £25 in a day if they post 500 flyers.

Now lets say that 1/10 people that get the offer think they’ll take up the opportunity to get free vouchers for the their local store (makes sense right?), you’ll get paid out for $1.50~ for 100 flyers, which equates to $150.


  • Flyer Design – $5
  • 1000 Flyers – $25
  • Employee Posting 500 Flyers – $25
  • 1/10 people do offer on 1000 flyers + $150

Profit = $95

With this $95 you can buy more flyers, hire more people and scale up your operations.

Future profits will increase as you buy in more bulk from the printing companies and you will be able to make this a daily thing and potentially hire a few more employees to do their rounds.

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