CPA landing pages can often be tedious and difficult to make, especially for newbie web developers

Fortunately though, Bootstrap makes it a whole load faster and easier; plus, its responsive for mobiles, tablets, games consoles and everything else in between.

Codecademy offers a free interactive HTML/CSS course that uses Bootstrap too, so you haven’t got to worry about learning at the deepend; I’d also advise you check out the link if you’re new to CPA too, it’s a priceless resource.

This is going to step up your CPA landing pages and is not complex at all

Provided you’ve already got a little HTML/CSS know-how, Bootstrap is easy to learn, and by “little”, I mean you know what a class attribute in a HTML tag is and how to change a few elements  in your style-sheets.

Bootstrap is pretty much a pre-made style-sheet (CSS framework), that not only looks nice and modern, but is nice and modern, without all the techno difficulties.

Mobile offers tend to pay out the most, so optimize your CPA landing pages for them

Not only are the CPA networks paying out loads for mobile offers, but the future looks bright for mobiles and not-so bright for computers and laptops, so make the change sooner rather than later.

So what does a CPA landing page look like when it’s made with Bootstrap?

I’m not going to say this is some holy-grail of CPA landing page making, but in all honesty it’s as good as it gets for newbies and people that want to work fast while retaining quality.

cpa landing page bootstrapWhile agreeably the example above is basic, it is far more affective than the likes of those that most of us cringe at and hate CPA itself for. The site not only looks fairly legitimate, it’ll stretch itself to a mobile display without any extra coding.

responsive cpa landing pageDon’t waste any more time and Get Bootstrap

For now here’s a video from someone else, I’m away from my main computer for a few weeks and thus cannot make any videos at present; this is a good video to get you started though.

Also if you have any questions, as usual, leave some a comment or three below and I’ll get back to you.

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