A screenshot of UserTesting.com's user dashboard

UserTesting.com pays people to test mobile apps and websites.

Simply put, UserTesting matches up developers, companies, and people that want feedback on their products and websites.

Best of all it is really simple to complete the tests, they are regular and well paid, earning on average $10 per test.

Once you’ve signed up, you will have to do your first test, a “screener test”, where you will have to record your screen while you speak. This is how all future tests will be taken.

Different tests require you to do different things. Some tests require you to suggest improvements, some require you to give feedback on what you think of the sites current state.

If you own a smartphone or tablet you will also get access to further tests such as app and game tests which also pay well.

In some cases you may only earn $3 for short tests but on the other hand there are also longer tests that pay more than $10.

Payouts are all paid via paypal and generally take a few days to process, but rest assured as there is no payout limit that you are required to reach and you are paid directly upon completing of the tests.

Make sure that you follow the time limits strictly and talk constantly to ensure you maintain a good rating, this opens you up to more tests and then more opportunities to make money from testing the websites and apps.


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