List of Web3 Wallets

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Web3 wallets are cryptocurrency wallets that let you use Web3 dApps. Web3 dApps are decentralized applications powered by blockchains.

What is a Web3 Wallet?

They’re basically cryptocurrency wallets

At its core, web3 wallets are simply cryptocurrency wallets.

They have a public key (your address) and a private key (your secret address) and they allow you to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

But, more than simple cryptocurrency wallets, web3 wallets allow you to interact with smart contracts.

They connect to web3 applications

This is where web3 wallets really stand apart from normal crypto wallets.

They allow you to use Web3 and the many Defi applications within it. Sure, there’s more than Defi out there, but this is where a lot of attention is currently.

They’re often mobile apps or browser extensions

Most web3 wallets are browser extensions or mobile apps. Not every crypto wallet that is a browser extension is a web3 wallet, though.

Importantly, they should allow you to interact with web3 applications and smart contracts, as well as sending and receiving crypto.

Best Web3 Wallets

1. Metamask

metamask web3 wallet

The world’s most popular web3 wallet. It doubles as both a browser extension and mobile app.

It supports every EVM-based blockchain. Including Ethereum, Avalanche, Fantom, Polygon, Ethereum layer 2s and many more.

If you want to add a new RPC to Metamask, check out RPC Info.

2. Frame

frame web3 wallet

Frame is a fantastic web3 wallet. And a great alternative to Metamask.

Like Metamask, and many other web3 wallets, Frame supports multiple chains. But, they also support NFTs.

Viewing and managing your NFTs in your wallet is a great pro.

Frame is a browser extension, and they do not offer a mobile app.

3. Rabby

rabby web3 wallet

Rabby comes from the brains behind Debank, a popular portfolio management dApp.

They have a smooth multichain experience, and are feature rich.

They only have a browser extension, but support Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and Edge.

4. Coinbase Wallet

coinbase wallet

Coinbase is a household name when it comes to crypto. So, if you’re looking for a larger brand name when it comes to your web3 wallet, give Coinbase a try.

The Coinbase Wallet supports cryptocurrency tokens, NFTs, and DeFi in-wallet.

As an added bonus, they also have a mobile app.

5. Rainbow Wallet

rainbow wallet

Purely a mobile wallet. Rainbow is one of the most powerful wallets out there.

They support cryptocurrency management but also monitor your pools and LP investments.

Like Frame and Coinbase Wallet, you can also see your NFTs.

Rainbow Wallet uses WalletConnect to connect to dApps. So you’ll have to scan QR codes to authenticate yourself.

6. Core Wallet

core wallet

If you’re a fan of the Avalanche ecosystem, Core is an essential web3 wallet.

Though Core is actually more than a wallet, they offer multiple wallets for different devices. Both a browser extension and a mobile wallet.

You can store your crypto simply, and also connect to popular dApps on Avalanche and Ethereum.

Interestingly, you can also store your Bitcoin with Core Wallet.

7. Trust Wallet

trust wallet

Trust Wallet is one of the most trusted web3 wallets.

They offer both a browser extension and a mobile app.

You can buy crypto in the app using a credit card or debit card.

They also don’t collect any personal data, great for privacy-minded users.

8. Argent

argent wallet

Argent is a mobile-only wallet.

They support cryptocurrency tokens. You can buy crypto in-app.

9. Guarda Wallet

guarda wallet

Guarda supports multiple platforms and has different wallets for different use cases.

Their Chrome extension is a fully featured web3 wallet.

You can buy crypto in the app using a credit or debit card.

They also support staking with some pretty lucrative APRs.

10. Phantom

phantom wallet

Phantom is the essential web3 wallet for Solana.

Use it to connect to Solana dApps and store your tokens.

The wallet also supports viewing your NFTs too. Important for the Solana NFT scene.

11. Exodus

image 10

Exodus is a world-renowned cryptocurrency wallet.

They recently launched their web3 wallet, so users can now interact with web3 applications through their browsers.

While their mobile app doesn’t support web3, it’s still a great wallet for storing various tokens across different blockchains.

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