Every time the new year comes around there’s a whole host of things that you should be looking out for. Things you’ll want to promote, sell, blog about and even get for yourself. So what are some of the hottest niches to get involved in for 2016?


With the coming of the new year a bunch of people set themselves new years resolutions. Its easier than ever to exploit this. Firstly, fitness products are a great option.

With the explosion of calisthenics over the past few years–namely through Barstarzz and similar companies–people are growing to love this stuff.

Admittedly calisthenics is about using your own body weight for exercises, but there’s a tonne of options out there relating to it.

  • Books
  • Resistance Bands
  • Pull-up bars

These are just some of the products that you should promote, review and sell. Here’s some more calisthenics equipment ideas.

calisthenics trend popularity
Calisthenics is growing, and it’s only getting more popular.

Fitness DVDs

My business is currently shipping a tonne of fitness DVDs. These are a hidden gem in my opinion. In previous years, Jillian Michaels and Davina McCall fitness DVDs have always been some of my top-sellers. This was initially quite surprising to me, but they’re popular, and they sell.

google trends fitness dvd
Despite the slight decline in trend, there is an obvious reoccurence every New Year. The search trends shoot up, so get in there quickly and bank.

X-Men Apocalypse

IMDb has this film as the most popular film set for release in 2016. Now I’m not a serious fan of X-Men, but I can guarantee that there’s going to be a tonne of merchandise, spoilers and cinema tickets that people are going to be wanting to get hold of.

The release date for this is set to be in May 2016.

Home-brewed Alcohol

It sounds utterly bonkers, but I tried some myself while I was away visiting my girlfriend. Admittedly the guys that’d made it hadn’t made some fine triple distilled vodka, but it genuinely wasn’t that bad.

home brew alcohol

According to Pinterest and the DailyMail “home-made” and “home-brewed” are some of the hottest keywords at the moment.

Given the growing popularity there’s definitely some room for some micro-niche blogs, and perhaps even some YouTube channels or tutorial sites. The only concerning thing here is that you could potentially blind your clientele. To avoid this, make sure that you source any content you create from reputable sources.


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