List of xDai DEXs


xDai has many DEXs on offer. Here’s a list of the best. And the one’s you should know about.

1. HoneySwap

HoneySwap is the main DEX on xDai. It also serves as a DEX aggregator. It finds the best routes across some of the top exchanges. Reducing slippage. Ensuring you get the best bang for your xDai.

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2. Perpetual Protocol

Perp Fi is another popular xDai DEX. It comes kitted out with some advanced charting. Great for technical analysts that love TradingView.

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3. SushiSwap

SushiSwap is one of the largest DEXs out there. They’re also on xDai. Sushi has a lot of liquidity, and often finds itself routed as the best DEX by dex aggregators on xDai.

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4. Curve

Curve is another large DEX. Which, is also on xDai. Curve focuses moreso on StableSwaps. So if you’re looking to exchange your xDai for a different stable, this is likely your best bet.

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5. Cow Swap

CowSwap is a DEX aggregator. And like HoneySwap, it’ll find the best route for your trade. Making sure you get the most for your crypto. Reducing slippage incurred by DEXs with lack-lustre liquidity.

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6. Bao Finance

Bao is a fairly liquid DEX. Bao bun themed. Notably, they’re involved in multiple projects. Not only on xDai but cross-chain. They offer some single-staked farms for their native token too.

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7. Component Finance

Component is pretty basic. But straightforward for those that are looking for it. Like Curve, they offer multi-token pools, and primarily focus on StableSwaps. They also have their own token, CMP.

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8. Swapr

Swapr spans xDai, Ethereum, and Arbitrum. And offers some pretty high APRs on their farms. The pairs are few but have pretty deep liquidity.

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9. Levin Swap

Levin hosts tokens from multiple chains. BSC, RealToken, and xDai included. They have a few farms, and single staking too. Liquidity is fair.

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10. Elk Finance

Elk Finance is a multi-chain DEX, bridging over 14 chains. They have rich liquidity, a multiple farms. They recently won an xDai-incentivised liquidity grant.

Elk Finance xDai

11. Symmetric

Symmetric is a balancer fork. AMM. With a fair amount of liquidity. The interface is pretty feature-rich, with variable swap fees for different pairs.

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