List of xDai Yield Farms

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If you’re looking to maximize your xDai earnings, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of the best yield farms on xDai.

xDai yield farms

1. HoneyComb farm

honeycomb farm

HoneyComb is 1Hive’s native yield farm. They’ve multiple farms. And healthy rewards. A very popular xDai yield farm.

2. SushiSwap farm

sushiswap farm

SushiSwap is one of the largest crypto DEXs. They also offer yield farming. They have a wide range of farms on offer.

3. ComponentFinance

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Componnent Finance is a DEX. Again, they also offer yield farming. Incentivising liquidity pairs. The DEX is pretty simple. Mostly focused on stablecoin swaps.

4. Swapr

Swapr is a decentralized, governance-led AMM. Like most other DEXs in this list. They also offer yield farming to their LP users.

5. LevinSwap

LevinSwap offers a few farms for their LP providers. And also supports staking for their native token–LEVIN.

6. BaoChef

Bao Finance have their own staking platform. They also support a few Sushi farms too. Single staking is available too, for their native token.

7. Xion

Xion have gone the extra mile to make their site more appealing. Farming is perfect here, with a simple, one-stop-shop interface for degens and newbies alike.

8. Elk Finance

When it comes to Yield Farming, Elk Finance is second to none. Offering impermanent loss protection, healthy rewards, and the best bridge in crypto.

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